Drone Crashes During World Cup Race in Italy

Austrian skiing champion Marcel Hirscher was almost hit by the falling drone.
2:20 | 12/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drone Crashes During World Cup Race in Italy
We'll begin with that frightening near miss on the ski slopes. A drone crashing down, T.J., you're on camera to you -- I didn't want to look up. Let's just talk about it, people. This was a really scary thing. A narrow miss in a big race, T.J., please explain. Okay, isn't this dangerous enough, flying down a mountain on skis, right? Now throw this wrinkle in, watch out for drones. Yes, this video you're about to see is incredible and, yes, this worked out but there is a very good reason this might not be the last time we see a skier dodging a drone. He is a reigning four time world cup skiing champion. Unbelievable! Reporter: Marcel hirscher used to battling dangerous terrains at death-defying speeds but Tuesday night the real danger -- Reporter: Just ten seconds into his slalom run a drone comes out of nowhere crashing with such force it broke into parts missing the skier by inches. The champion skier continues on his run as if nothing happened ultimately losing the race but saying this is horrible. This can never happen again. This can be a serious injury but situations like this could possibly get a lot more common with some ski resorts adding areas called drone Zones where for a fee of 200 bucks professionally operated drones will film skiers at every angle producing the ultimate skiing selfie. Not the first time a drone has caused serious drama at a sporting event. We have a moment where we're not entirely certain what it is that landed in the stands. Look at the top left. In September during a heated tennis match at the U.S. Open a drone was caught on tape flying into New York's Armstrong stadium crashing down in the grandstands but as for H irscher, he's not letting it get to him making light of it posting, heavy air traffic in Italy, #luckyme. We are already seeing the fallout. They are now banning these drone cameras from world cup skiing competitions. Now, of course, they get these money shots and they have these cameras on them and it's great but it's not worth it. We look at this and it worked out and he's making light. If he was hit 23 miles an hour by a drone that could have been nasty. What a testament to his prowess he didn't even flinch. That was close.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Austrian skiing champion Marcel Hirscher was almost hit by the falling drone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35920954","title":"Drone Crashes During World Cup Race in Italy","url":"/GMA/video/drone-crashes-world-cup-race-italy-35920954"}