'DWTS': Who Was Booted From the Dance Floor?

Find out which "Dancing With the Stars" contestant went home after recreating a famous moment from pop culture.
5:37 | 04/26/16

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Transcript for 'DWTS': Who Was Booted From the Dance Floor?
to a blockbuster night on "Dancing with the stars." Famous dances night and we had some great ones. Ginger and Val dancing to Janet Jackson, Von and witney to Michael Jackson. Jesse is here breaking down the latest from the ballroom. That's right. Such a blast in the ballroom last night, the pros and stars going all out but at the end of the night it was wayne and Lindsay who were totally 'nsync and dancing off with the top scores. "Bye bye bye" boyz ii men. ♪ Baby bye bye ♪ Reporter: Wayna and Lindsay 'nsync bringing the house down in front of "Inside out's" joey Fatone and lance bass drawing rave reviews from them. I've never seen you be so in it, you were around it and you kicked it to the curb. Reporter: Earning them a 29 out of 30. And an emotional moment backstage from Fatone. It was like a dream come true watches one of the guys from boyz ii men perform one of ours. Could not be more proud. Reporter: Kw"footloose" and a jive that had everyone on their feet. ♪ Footloose kick off your Sunday shoes ♪ It's as much about the will to win as the skill to win. Reporter: Jodie Sweetin, the comeback kid of the night after a scary injury in rehearsal. Are you okay? I'm not going to let anything stop me. Reporter: Soaring back into the ballroom with a powerful performance to "Try" by pink. You gave it a wonderful interpretation. You pulled it off and I have to give you credit for that. ♪ Give me a beat. Reporter: Ginger and Val mixing it up with a Janet Jackson vibe. ♪ All you nasty boys ♪ Reporter: Talking to our cameras right after the show. Very tough season. I see so many more front-runners this season than I ever seen in any other season. Reporter: But one couple had to leave. Doug and Karina ultimately the ones to go. ♪ Reporter: The night ending with big chants and an emotional moment. An amazing experience getting to know Karina, the whole group as a family we've all been together. Thank you so much. It's been an unbelievable experience. So proud, amazing season. Had an opportunity to not only just meet you but make a great friend so thank you so much. From "Footloose" to "Hairspray." Our favorite performances but look at this. The costume game here was so on point they channeled their inner Jim carry and Cameron Diaz. Can somebody say, smokin'? I guess you can. Apparently yes. Thanks, Jesse. Now Doug flutie and Karina smirnoff here right now. Thank you guys for coming in flying all night long. Thank you. Doug, you hear those cheers, must have felt like you were back on the football field. It was fun. We got that just about every week and it was so heartwarming and puts me at ease and makes it a little more relaxed. I know I'm a nervous wreck going out there, but it was really nice. The crowd was always behind -- Yes. The last two weeks have been pretty good. It got better but week one -- Oh, my gosh, week one, so, you know, you stand in there and hear the beep, beep, beep. I look over and I see Doug doing this and I'm like, oh, no, stay with me. I can imagine and what was it like learning bollywood because I'm sure that's out of your comfort zone. It's all out of my comfort zone so the fun thing about bollywood was even new to Karina. Yes. So she started doing the research and the homework right away. Yep. But it was actually fun, maybe in my wheelhouse a little bit because it was more movement, I don't know. It just seemed like something you could pick up or learn. Yeah, looked good. I think also because six weeks of dancing live on the show and then three weeks of rehearsal it all kind of came up to the last week so when you started doing bollywood, besides the fact that every move means something, it's one of 9 coolest styles. Like I'm in love with bollywood and go to take it up. He just dove in and started doing it naturally and with the whole trip you did fantastic. You are one incredible Indian. There it is. All I ever wanted to be. You got your football fans behind you. Bill belichick shoutout on instagram. Tom Brady, as well. Tom and bill jumped on board and gave us a shout. Bill doesn't do that stuff. You know. Tom so indication naturally might make an appearance but not too often and bill never. So it was nice. I had a chance to play with Tom and bill coached for awhile or played under him so just showing their support. That's terrific. Hey, nobody will forget your incredible tribute to your mom and dad. She was a fan of "Dancing with the stars." What do you think she would have said about your dancing. First just the fact that I would be on the dance floor anywhere she would be very excited. My mom loved -- my mom loved dancing herself and weddings, whatever it was and would have to try to drag me out on the dance floor with her at times so she would have absolutely loved this whole experience. Come down with a big smile. No doubt about it. Now you'll drag people out on the dance floor in yeah, I'll be much more comfortable. That's something I said, her job was to make me comfortable being uncomfortable and she did it. She pulled me out of my shell a little bit and -- Mission accomplished. You guys were a great couple. Thanks for coming. Of course, the double elimination is Monday night. 8:00, 7:00 central on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Find out which \"Dancing With the Stars\" contestant went home after recreating a famous moment from pop culture. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38665646","title":"'DWTS': Who Was Booted From the Dance Floor?","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-booted-dance-floor-38665646"}