Dylan's Candy Bar celebrates its sweet 16 live on 'GMA'

The popular candy store is celebrating its 16th birthday.
2:28 | 10/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dylan's Candy Bar celebrates its sweet 16 live on 'GMA'
??? We're back now with a sweet treat this morning. The candy queen herself celebrating 16 years and congratulations on your 16th birthday. Sweet 16. What you wanted to do for your sweet 16. You enlisted a group of celebrities who made mosaics out of candy. You made this to our right. This is our Wherley pop and has 50 candies and I am so honored you made one. We have 22 celebrities who have contributed who are from the feels of fashion, art, pop culture and they've all made different mosaics going to their various charities. Great way to celebrate Dylan's candy bar sweet 16. What is your favorite candy? I had so much fun trying new candies I discovered sour and tart candies. I'm a true loyalist to gummies and I could eat this gum ball. An marshmallows. We'll play a little game with our audience and come over here, right? These are some of the mosaics. These are some of the mosaics made from celebrities. I'm going to I have go you a hint and yell out if you know who this is. This first one here is for "Modern family" fans. One-word hit, fizbo. Who is is. Eric Stonestreet. Eric Stonestreet. You got it. The great one. This one here, the star who's got an egot and host of "The view." If you don't get this one, I don't know what's wrong with you? Whoopi Goldberg, 2 for 2. This one is by one of the greatest ones, I mean I have to tell you. Well, you know what, I agree. This guy is a host of "Gma" who loves dogs and sour patch kids. Who is it? There you go. My puppy. I am so honored thaw made one and you made it of your dog for St. Jude's. It's amazing. I think all of these are amazing but I was so touched you did this so I'm so happy. Well, my kids loved it. They're in there all the time buying candy and that's why they're so wired up. Everyone in our audience will go home with Dylan's candy bars, all right? Get excited about that. We'll get excited because we'll go to ginger.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"The popular candy store is celebrating its 16th birthday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50549282","title":"Dylan's Candy Bar celebrates its sweet 16 live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/video/dylans-candy-bar-celebrates-sweet-16-live-gma-50549282"}