Easy steps to protect your own digital life

ABC News' Becky Worley shares tips on how to protect your computers in the wake of a worldwide ransomware attack.
2:15 | 05/15/17

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Transcript for Easy steps to protect your own digital life
We're back now with a closer look at how to protect your digital life in light of that massive global cyberattack and Becky Worley has important tips for you. Reporter: Imagine a thief broke into your house and stole your computer. Then told you he'd give it back if you paid him $300. That's what's happening virtually with ransomware. When you logon to your computer there is a little announcement you need to pay them in order to get access to your files back. Reporter: They demand a ransom usually in Bitcoin. Ransomware affects individuals just as much as it affects larger companies because the way that ransomware is usually spread is indiscriminate national. Reporter: The FBI said 4,000 attacks happen daily targeting companies and individuals alike. What can you do? When you're operating system asks if it can run a system or security update say yes every time or even better, choose to make it automatic. Next avoid the attacks entirely. You personally need to be active in ensuring that you don't download anything that can hurt you. Reporter: That means never click on a attachments unless you're 100% sure. Finally back up your computer regularly. Put all your data on an external hard drive or upload it to a cloud storage service. It generally gives you a lot more ability to almost laugh in the face of ransomware because you have all your files and can wipe your hard drive and reinstall from your backup and you're good to go. Listen, I get it, backing up your hard drive is just another job on your to do list but you have got to do it. Next tip really important. Before you open an attachment in an e-mail think of it as opening the front door to your house, if you're not completely sure who it is and what you're letting in, just don't do it robin, finally, if you get hit with ransomware don't pay the ransom. You've been covering this for quite some time. Have you ever seen something like this, Becky? I've been saying for 19 years that computer security is going to get real when hackers can get money from their victims. It just got real. It got real. Big time. Explained it in such a clear way. Thank you, Becky. Counting up to our first

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley shares tips on how to protect your computers in the wake of a worldwide ransomware attack. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47410577","title":"Easy steps to protect your own digital life","url":"/GMA/video/easy-steps-protect-digital-life-47410577"}