Eat It to Beat It: Lower-Calorie Treats to Beat the Heat

ABC News' David Zinczenko reveals healthier options when eating out.
3:00 | 08/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eat It to Beat It: Lower-Calorie Treats to Beat the Heat
Our "heat index." Without tossing your diet, smart choices. We have abc's health and wellness contributor, dave zinczenko here. This is a chocolate shake from McDonald's. If you're a dentist, you might want to sit down. This sounds like a sophisticated drink. It has 800 calories. 120 grams of sugar. It would be like pouring 30 packets of sugar into your morning coffee. Wait. Let's see what the equivalent is. This is the equivalent of the calorie equivalent of 34 packets of pop rocks. Who is going to do that. In that drink right there. My goodness. Instead of that, we should have -- very good. This is a large banana/strawberry smoothie. And it's only got 330 calories. Guess how much we're saving. 500 calories. 520 calories. That's an entire meal you're saving right there. More than a meal. Can I tell this one's bad with the oreos and the whipped cream. This is an applebee's shake. It has 800 calories. Another 800 calories. And applebee's doesn't list how much sugar is in it. This is for your children. They don't say how much sugar is. Where are the wikileaks guys when we really need them? 800 calories. The equivalent would be -- oh, my. Eating 40 dum-dums. Maybe just five. When you're at applebee's, the much better option. It's a kid's vanilla sundae. Only 290 calories. You save 510 calories. My kids would be just as happy. That's a great alternative. And I love the name of this from friendly's. You know it's bad when it's called the hunka chunka lava cake. There will be nothing hunky about you if you don't shed this. The calories, are you kidding me? That's 1,770. Look at the equivalent. It's nine krispy kreme doughnuts is the e kquivalent of that sundae. Split it with your friends. But you do not have to unfriend friendly's. When you're at friendly's -- that looks -- make your own sundae. Get three scoops of chocolate. Whipped cream. It is literally only 530 calories. Compared to 1,800. You're saving -- 1,200 calories. My gosh. You said they don't always show the calories on the menus. What do you do? You have to ask. You have to go online beforehand. And be an educated consumer. And look you up, right? You have all of the intel. We reached out to all three restaurants we featured here. And they said they provide different options so customers can make their own healthy choices, which we advocate here.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' David Zinczenko reveals healthier options when eating out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19979928","title":"Eat It to Beat It: Lower-Calorie Treats to Beat the Heat","url":"/GMA/video/eat-beat-lower-calorie-treats-beat-heat-19979928"}