Edie Falco Talks Upcoming Nurse Jackie Season and TV Career

The Emmy-winning actress says James Gandolfini's death still doesn't feel real.
13:50 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for Edie Falco Talks Upcoming Nurse Jackie Season and TV Career
-- -- -- Your -- you don't. -- -- 115 is right isn't doing him. An overdose. Finds him right -- -- -- -- -- -- You're okay. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers in this is popcorn where we tell you what is pop and in the culture and that there's nothing that pops as well to me anyway. As nurse Jackie -- you know I've been with this show and now it's season six and amazingly Edie Falco who -- their acting. He's still with the show usually by now other people -- Get someone else to play nurse Jackie I'd done. I -- all the money in the world I've won every award and yet you Edie Falco are still there. Nobody told me I was told to leave his post asked for more automatic call my agent a -- what's your problem. I had died fifteen it was kept me -- you want to catch on and make things are done. Season seven -- -- -- Anyway. Here it is it's back and last season season five. We were all I had -- thing in epitomized. Jackie hates that bill that she said she -- -- I was just as surprised as the next guy. When I read -- you really because we all believe when people r.'s famous issue. And as in control of what they did that it's you who determines what it is you who tells the right. There's I'm mad that I got my little job -- Memorize the lines and try to make them sound real food as far as writing stories making the sets putting clothes on the characters -- nice it's really kind of stay out of it. They're hired because they're good that night I don't tell I don't gain in that much with other stuff you don't even get to -- it will -- -- -- did this I could. But that seems to be a different part of my brain. That does not activate much when I'm doing what it is that I -- hired to do. I don't know why I'm not I'm not good -- they don't often have impulses about like -- maybe she should -- this year I don't know what you should do. It's not might -- At. And yet we all feel that it it a try not listen to what you need to do it anyway -- you catch us up a little bit about who Jackie is now. She is as she always was a nurse in an emergency room I think she's very good at it. Genuinely cares about the well being for patients and she's also and a -- that. Also that little thing by the way that affects yes everything in her life. As it does her job and promote a night shift ends. Divorced man right having not a great time raising two daughters right go back to the start of this when you get -- Six seasons ago and they say we want -- to play this nurse with this addiction problem. Are you. Cautious -- -- just diving right -- well what I've read the first script which is called nurse Mona first Mona -- and. It was very different that the character was somewhat similar she was -- and -- an angry and sort of vigilante. Ask and it was. The character that was interesting to me but it was very different she had. Powers deceit or is around people and -- distinguish would keep an article from the people who died so if you had like a glove from somebody and ring from somebody up was all very just -- imaginary people in her life. Was all interesting -- hard to pull off first of all. But and exceedingly dark. So they were changes were made uneasy made pioneered a little bit -- but also at -- place in -- she was main act. That's why don't -- -- it was never the case is -- and it was a cash should know this better. But I don't think -- certainly wasn't the major part of her -- now. So I I ain't -- meeting with the producers and -- I don't I don't wanna do this way it's not certainly not you can call -- a comedy. Considering -- funny about it. But somehow we came to an agreement that also it certainly makes it more dramatic and it has morphed into this whole thing where that is one of the major things about her. And the one thing -- A requested is that it be done realistically. That we don't make a joke out of it that it has real life ramifications as it down it's. And you know we can't TV eyes her relationship to drugs make it sort of OK in funny goofy and then everything -- turns out fine. So. I don't a lot of respect for the producers and writers to decide that. She'd be here into sobriety -- it would fall apart -- that is what happens more often than not I think. Very rarely do people get sober and stay sober right away. -- using a bit of a challenge the -- happens that you went through something like this yourself when. But that was while back I was 22 years ago this month 22 this month is now. -- dinner program I do. So you are an example then of how it could work I can't tell people not to make -- sample. But I am in fact just another person who's sober -- In my bloodstream in in my DNA has addiction is an issue but. You know -- -- I don't know that on the poster child sobriety but what I'm doing is working for me -- that much. But you -- like you said before you not to be playing anything you're going through through Jackie because she's written by somebody else yeah. Yeah I'm -- you get real frustrated with. I can but while we're working I really just try to stay inside her head and rather than from the east heading judging it -- because I've spent the majority of my life from that place with people I love and family members -- -- you look at this be happening you know. And one of the joys of getting to do what I can to do in my line of work if I get to understand. How this happens you know and to. Give a greater voice and have deeper compassion for people who really don't want to be doing this anymore but it's clearly not in their conscious control. But when you won that first Emmy for -- depends what was going through your head. Yet three of The -- the first lord. I don't know such a crazy whirlwind back in those days you know we all started out his New York theater actors and and we got pilot and that all -- that meant to that I could pay off my student loan him like a chunk of money and eleven or twelve days of work. Beyond that nobody none of us dare to dream especially I had a couple of things that I thought were great fall apart before that so -- pretty much learn my lesson so. We're thrust into the situation regain offices and it's crazy it's crazy making -- standing in front of you know it -- wherever the heck that was at that awards them. I don't remember telling the truth. It's so it is so surreal. To be talking about this thing New -- literally like five minutes ago I was you know. Crying in the middle to take his mind my restaurant fired me you know or whatever it's -- -- -- quick and and drastic adjustment to me so. Here real were starting -- with nothing and becoming very. Attended to very quickly. And you weren't at the -- I -- you had done these you are on -- homicide. Unit and that there was enough to say. Look it's working for me this is I've been working but I sir I didn't have enough money to live I still had to do other jobs. And -- -- on the street nobody. Knew I wasn't wasn't recognizable in any real way Newton so. I was a lot like many many actors. Who work. Not quite making a living but you know showing -- here in the -- we -- -- -- -- except for -- -- -- knew we were all kind of in some places. And then there's the explosion yen -- all that craziness of all the attention. Thank god I I you know stop drinking when he did -- and got my brain together -- focus can. I'm worried about the kids on the show -- we're about any kid who who is thrown into that at a young age before they have their own footing -- can be very crazy making. -- I remember the last time we talked he talked about at that time -- -- had you were diagnosed with breast cancer. At that time while it what you are making this and yes -- -- so it's all of this is happening and you you did it with that yes. That was in the morning and I had to be at work in the afternoon. At the diagnosis and and I went to work and went to see -- doctor if you largely it was crazy time as a present. But as I've said we were towards the end of whatever season that was remember. So we would you like sixteen Ortiz back to back so. I looked the healthiest of all the people on set and -- even when I was deep into chemo and had no hair and was wearing a week in. Because they were party people that well even just -- just go to wasn't ordered sixteen animals -- wiped out there. Everybody was like at least 52 break of people like sleeping on the sand bags and stuff I'm like -- up. So I was able to -- -- it. -- was able and happy to I don't know where the message it's that I know that it's the tip you still get chemo and it basically you'll be better than and if anyone had actually did anybody that's that they can -- steroid in the -- on the same. But you wouldn't think you'll get racing can we can race will start us and it's. But I have to ask you as we approach it's going to be one year in June that we lost -- him. This crazy here is that we'll -- that -- through your head. When that there is is -- thinking -- land in a place where on the what to say about this but I don't there is no way. Hasn't sent and that. You know when we were shooting. Human I didn't -- that much and -- was -- announced in LA. And -- -- touch base of six months as I do now you can do that charity thing -- checking in. I it's hard for -- to believe that that's not gonna happen again you know it -- it was not unusual to go for long periods without seeing him when we were working. But it's very it's an impossible you know the whole death thing -- take -- really big I mean. I haven't had a ton of people in my life that I'm close to. At a loss to time so this one really hit home the idea that it's about as real and permanent as it gets. Just in terms of working with him is -- -- moment what you were doing a scene with him in The Sopranos that stands out -- you as just. Something extraordinary. It was seen it happen in the backyard and you're sitting on non. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't remember what the dialogue was it was very minimal which is what I loved about that show that a long periods we read Husseini thing which felt pretty real. For and a couple that's known each other as long as they head. And we didn't so we didn't say much of the pause and then -- saline -- saline adjustment thinking I will never happen this -- again with this. Writer David Chase who was sitting nearby bushes or something the -- -- the writers sitting someplace else and were in the backyard of a suburban house in New Jersey and -- Acting opposite eight an -- -- master who has anointing. So there's no ego involved and I'm getting to really just completely inhabit this person like Ben for whatever three years anyway just. It was one of those that the camera in my mind went way above it and thought. Look at it this right now this will remain. -- -- real milestone in your life and if you're lucky. You may get something like this again but it's it is only -- It was just beautiful simple nothing kind of -- scene that. I just couldn't believe my good fortune in being able to be part of you know because you've done much of that it always -- -- -- So I know that but I don't know yet -- I don't -- right now I'm in the eye and -- -- -- -- the very first part the lady was allies is do that. Wasn't the first it was early -- it was early. Yeah. That's the thing to do what little bit and -- OK I'm dry touch him. This irresistible. Paris so -- Chenault. On our name -- Arrington. Any. She's who airing tonight. And I could it. Even -- that is not from My Fair Lady that's right but that's how do I get out of let -- -- -- and you didn't do it. I still accept my high school experience has just gotten into one big amalgamation of blackout memories so it's okay black it's what Everett this all these parts that you've made. There that are so great that you're forgetting. We always happen here I'm so glad.

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