Snowden's Arrival in Moscow Shrouded in Mystery

Despite alleged NSA leaker's inability to leave Moscow airport, reporters are unable to locate him.
1:13 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for Snowden's Arrival in Moscow Shrouded in Mystery
Thank you. To moscow right now and kirit radia is on the phone from the airport. I know you've been there all night long of the any sign at any time of edward snowden? Reporter: No, the big mystery, nobody has seen snowden at least not even once since he landed yesterday. His plane was met on the tarmac by what people say were diplomatic cars, black cars that met him on the tarmac and whisked him away before anybody could see him and nobody's seen him since then. It's been the big mystery. He apparently spent the night in the hotel here in the airport on the transit side. Doesn't have a russian visa so can't leave the airport so spent the night there but, again, when reporters went to that hotel, could not find him there. Today he apparently checked into that flight and then did not show up at the gate. Again, big mystery of edward snowden. Can't find him anywhere. He cannot leave the airport as far as we know. Reporter: That's right. He can't leave the airport unless he gets permission from the russian government. He does not have a visa so either he does get that permission from the russians to stay here or has another travel plan. He has to leave within 24 hours of landing. He landed yesterday around 5:00, so that gives him another three hours to leave the airport or get a travel document. The clock is ticking. To washington. The white house scrambling to

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{"id":19470795,"title":"Snowden's Arrival in Moscow Shrouded in Mystery","duration":"1:13","description":"Despite alleged NSA leaker's inability to leave Moscow airport, reporters are unable to locate him.","url":"/GMA/video/edward-snowden-alleged-nsa-leaker-arrival-moscow-shrouded-19470795","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}