Egyptian 'Day of Rage' Increases Violent Confrontations

Muslim Brotherhood supporters continue protest over military's removal of president Morsi.
2:13 | 08/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Egyptian 'Day of Rage' Increases Violent Confrontations
Opting chaos in Egypt one day after the Muslim Brotherhood staged a day of rage in protest of ousted leader -- Morrissey. There are no signs of an into the violence has tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets many Muslim Brotherhood supporters say they are willing to die for their cause. ABC's -- -- has been in the middle of -- all and is in Cairo this morning with the latest good morning. Well good morning be -- you just you just mentioned that the US embassy here in Cairo tweeted that they will be close -- -- day that they are normally supposed to be open. But it comes as the Muslim Brotherhood has announced that they will be protesting daily for the following week. Overnight police and protesters continued their standoff outside his Cairo mosque this footage shown on a pro government TV channel -- site. Chaos. I don't have. Yeah the mosque turned into -- Moore park hospital. This woman her husband shot his lifeless body resting beside her tells us Egypt's military are traders are -- the -- people. Doctors struggling all day and all night to save as many patients as they could they desperately tried to revive this man on the ground. But he died right there right in front of us. Egypt is -- which in its fourth day of violence after heavily armed police stormed the seated on Wednesday using tear gas. Mike Rounds of ammunition against thousands of protesters including some we've -- children. But most of brotherhood who organized -- -- to protest the overthrow of their elected president -- a public -- the Cold -- became a great match on Friday. -- and exactly what they. Thousands of protesters flooding into the city setting off sporadic gun battles in several neighborhoods. Battles that are -- weeks. The official death -- over the last four days -- more than 700 but we spoke with. Sources at the ministry of health here and they tell us that they or intentionally. Underreporting the number of people were killed because if they ever release the true numbers. It would be a catastrophe. Ghana and then of course the US -- the rest of the world is paying close attention what is happening in -- this morning our thanks to you Mohammed.

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{"id":19989095,"title":"Egyptian 'Day of Rage' Increases Violent Confrontations","duration":"2:13","description":"Muslim Brotherhood supporters continue protest over military's removal of president Morsi.","url":"/GMA/video/egyptian-day-rage-increases-violent-confrontations-19989095","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}