Elisabeth Moss on making 'The Handmaid's Tale'

Moss appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about her new series "The Handmaid's Tale."
17:30 | 05/24/17

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Transcript for Elisabeth Moss on making 'The Handmaid's Tale'
You know I. Come gun. What they think that often. Yes. T count me and it's. Here. Passionate done here. It's if you listen. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn when we tell you what's gone on in the culture and right now I'm saying he. You go on Hulu and you find and mates. And you watch it okay will. You can do it now. And back and join us later. Anyway my guest Elisabeth Moss is. Doing she's always really good but in this one there's something. Incredibly spectacular goes on so Elizabeth welcome. Do this. Did it feel good when you finish this where you said I think we got really close to what we wanted to do. War had felt utterly air on after the first at the says. When we started to see you then we you know Kris and I and Warren Littlefield producer or producer. Started kind of saint I think have done it I think we might have done what we wanted to dance. You now an and though it's a good fit yeah it's better feeling in the opposite effect. If path but it's that you had all of that we'll explain. To those poor benighted souls that may not know paying what and needs you know it is. And where it came from and who you're about him means to our face Margaret Atwood and one of our prolific authors stabbing in 1980 fat. And. Let's sure. Weighing in saying that if you think back. Is it is. Aid just hoping and then. Presidents really an alternate president about a totalitarian. Regime that takes over the American government. And runs it is a theocracy. And nowhere anyone who come up with an aunt and I think it's art that he. It's tough to do something that has no relevance today patents have I have to believe they. Fertility is an all time low so all the women around that. Taken from their family is their children taken away from them that they have them and they are given to barren couples he basically read. Sally says late comedy. It is seeing it with him if there are parts of this. That actually are really funny. It's likely Dallas humor Connolly and the decision as he was producer as well won't be enough but the idea. Of having bad voice over your character. On. So that we are actually heat from what's going on in your head while you wearing that red and being. Almost none like yeah yes I'm so humble ones that I would never question a man. And at any. If that was Bruce Miller show running. And will have to writing ran out of the way so where I was on hand and it was it's a way of the book is first person narrative and it is so inside her head and so poignant view from her when you. That it was though his way of letting the audience and to that and letting them have that experience it was the way of adapting. So that people could because she's a character who can't be eaten in this. Little sedan. Free day in San have to be really nice all the time. It was a way of letting us and and that dark sense of humor is here Margaret Atwood and that's that's in the Paula Newton you know it it's this gala this. Humor and she herself. Is biting me funny Margaret Atwood which I sent to her once since she was very surprised to hear it. I'm not. Funny or not I excitement locally here Larry and. Few if they confused. And why. When we use shooting this was this before the election when where is this all of taking place I was September 26 laden view my. February when he seventeens I sang on April when he sixteen and started. With the producing part of it and executing in September after the election happened at about. Episode of five in the humane school what were you all saying to each other. Ticket if it's. We worry Canada and then yes ahead an avenue eight. I now I had we know it's funny because at just about everybody was far me. Funny funny in a Margaret Atwood went home it was very. As well there was a funeral he got there the next morning and where accidental action and everybody with some of likely new home. I can keep from yeah. Mo also one that can fit it in your country you pick pick pick and we Rawlings. He felt that week. Here. That was a really strange atmosphere the next really. But what we're feeling when we're watching it is the this assault basically on a woman's right yes. In every. Kind of wet from around saying don't make any noise. That helped onto anything yet that might upset the patriarchy thing anyway and will decide in there I've I don't wanted. Do spoilers even though that book has been around checked several years but. There's a scene. Especially when you basically have to have sex with a guy you working for man whose wife. Actual white sits there in the in the bet on the ceremony. And it's. I don't know metaphorically when and in every other way it's. It seems to be saying look this is her way of sharing the ban what it but at the same time it's just the means freeing. That's the way it's just any and we we treated as a sexual south you know would you really and is considered to. She's been she's you know he's having sex with her against her job so. That's how we treated it and with that sort of idea also that being very clinical and very technical and it's not supposed to be any love. Or are sensuality. Whatsoever Newton and it and it sent the reading process than end you know it was something that was. Always a bit tough to show. You know. I don't through the actors who play. The nicest people water Joseph Klein who let this guy warm and and Dallas. Who's basically. Just running around the wit snagging yet you people you can't act. This way yes it really do that along and I don't know how honest when your acting say. Yards as. U beat people watch and then they're just these nice people. I think that we honestly who really trying to sun won't make them as Linear as possible you know Joseph as he just sat and one of the nicest. Chad Tom you know and hands has the family any Sperry respectful of women and he's very intelligent and and we tried to make sure that the villains. Quote Clinton's. In the show where layered in and had their own story in and maybe even in. And in certain light or a different world has reasons for what they did you now what they were doing in just. I think you know as Bruce. And so with the show and mindful Syriana and out of four isn't ready I was very important to all of us to make sure that they were real. You know that they weren't one and I think that kind of gave us this debt. To the shadow than it is really important. And if it's right to cast and I think an attractive actor not somebody that's just look like you're being it. Molested that eased by a monster and you know as this civilization layered. You have to do that and that. Part of that was also showing that everything looks great now beaten you know it's McCarrick talks about it them in this beautiful New England landscape. You had beautiful homes. And you have this attractive couple but should have at all and looks with a perfect on the outside and I just absolutely admits her multiple. If the pay act. So. You wanted to bring these bleak best seats to at all yet opera. That's that there are out a a a a we just think it's even worse than we get it is exactly when we finish seeing yet. Now post about it then can we do when it went and world do about this society we live at. We are right there Kate. In the way I mean listen I am you know I'm not a politician I only have my personal feelings my. I did ask Margaret with that exact question went and we were doing in India. I sent what we did and she sent you know keep an eye and the constitution. Obviously when that flies out the window which happens in the Paula Newton there's very little B courts there's very little going back from. And then she also talked about being active. I on on a local level you know being involved in congress in. Making calls and and not just waiting every four years for an election and being involved and a Imus quote unquote smaller scale which is actually really important. That was the advice that she gave me. I mean I think that there are so many people who believe. In. Human rights and it's just about being vocal about it. So you're on a role that they can you believe I was looking at something and said that you began with. Man admitted that in years ago war and she started and that wasn't that the inning I was on lesson for a while I know he wasn't your career but cash. That idea that that Cho was in years and now isn't haven't had a phalanx and it. I think it was a little more than ten crazy I was to when he really made that island and 34. So now it's a couple of years so what. Do you still think if it do you see these people do you say. Occasionally everywhere and start apparent there's an Arab and north most people that way in but for me honestly IA I get bored really easily so I A and much more inches set in moving on to new things now in Chinese and I have such a fat occupied such a huge part of my life. It is that she'll always be a part of me and I characters just part of it was years behind he now. 23 to thirty Q it's also very formative years so she'll always be a part of me. And I'll always be some of really grateful for her at the same time. IA I don't like to live in the I like to move on and you need things in Chinese and otherwise. I'm just repeating. What you've got to you have no choice and that they're not gonna go back to mad men and if you are. If that's an I don't know Allison Janney was here. Couple of days how cool she'd be I was asking her about that they keep things he says he orally thing. He's the west wing coming back long. What would happen to you presidential daughter now in the interim there. She I don't know I like to think that she wouldn't become a journalist or something you know not actually worked in the White House. Or in the government and but becomes somebody that was involved in making politics button but. As a as a reporter actor. Yeah you know me I do that because she wanted to go for active that acute heroin religions. Some are smarter than me it's very strange because it could. I always tell I don't believe I had no good writers that are much the united though I look clearly aren't that. Sure I had the at this act as if that's all year or so inventiveness. But you. You know literally child star with them what was the first thing you did it's as a teenager and lastly why she's seventeen points and and that I mean it's commercials in the ninth and did you begin to corrupt your life with acting so are really listen only baptists are young. During and it's over that made Maggie really did your parents agreements and no you know my musicians. Everybody was like an artist and family and it wasn't unusual imbalance is something I cystic breasts that. I think think it at a mini series on TV. Called lucky chance says from sons of and she won't mind. Laugh one and I had to find her. Dad I've got a line that now. I answered and that data like 67 years really yet established the tone at the rest of my career a faithful. But there offensive boulevard it hit a pocket protected bull of a here is being a young impressionable. Yes girl just coming up yeah I really liked the Derrick materially guessing and complete I think it's a. You know you teenager you're in the west wing you do mad men you. Worked brilliantly with Jane Campion and on top of the way you know and back to that. Adult that's kind of against things and so can you feel from this best experience hit if they are young career that they. One. Do you feel pressure as a woman you find it tougher. To do what you wanna do foolish you doing a lot of things you know you know work and TV you're doing. Movies out thrust parry I mean Wallace and up and wrong queen. Never saying I haven't seen it anyway if aliens. They paid me as that at that event but I thought I was really add. Even think you know a lecture I feel. I feel grateful that I think I've had the opportunity that also feel like I came up in a time when it. The industry. Was realizing that women may. Money that women make money at the box office that they make people watch TP making poor woman and if you put a woman and I found to leader found it will make my. Uniting meaning people of five women and found it will make money. And same thing with television I came up and this time when women were like you know there was and simple piano rolls happening. On TV and I was just kind of happened to be around at that rate it. But I do you think that you know it's always always important to kind of keep pushing keep making sure that our industry understands that that is something we can do we can put women. Not only in front of the camera but behind me Cameron then give them as opportunities as well he plays you know. For me. I love working with Matt islets I love working with women but says statistics shocked that they really are and you have that he. Yeah and we we're gonna let in for. Yet for out of our five tractors on him its tail where were women and we had to hire a token man. He obviously no and in fact it's our token male is wonderful and my record he acted to ask my favorite since four and had his bad. But anyways you know and then read obviously ano a soap and Jane Campion so for me it's something that's really important. Art. You know we end the show always and saw. A little tiny used its I don't know white prepared for me today I took out now I just don't accept that but I really did battle person who is having. A good life now must have a song on. Them we're just used this one what's one thing to know I think when you think of the handmade scale. Win. Offered his thinking. In her head or is she seen more I don't have anything you know well no but we know what actually a beautiful mom. From the show. That is not assignment icing an assignment Madeleine prayer and Christian means Stanton into her BT. Before she Haston that they be that she's the rarest and keep the baby away which breaks my heart to even say. And she sings a wonderful sign that I say I am not realistic more than one line that I have two lines. C'mon I think it's them. Leave it alone landing. Added things. Then thing kind of B. It's breaks your heart honestly think that in this latest singing its parent maybe because it's not going to be all right it's not going to be all right but that faith and hope in humanity is is one of driving forces of the shadow you know. Will will be seeing that knock heads at the law thing hit him for things that the that act like thank you. Thinking it's so my colleagues they did to Alia that the didn't think.

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