Elizabeth Berkley's Shocking 'DWTS' Elimination

The actress and her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, talk about their time on the show.
6:03 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for Elizabeth Berkley's Shocking 'DWTS' Elimination
shocking elimination on "dancing with the stars." This season, definitely keeping the audience guessing. This time, one of the judges' favorites, elizabeth berkley and her partner, val, told to pack their bags. But not before wowing us with their perfect salsa trio. They're here to talk about it live. But first, let's take a look. Leaving right now is -- elizabeth and val. In one of the most shocking moments of this season, elizabeth and val sent packing. 10. Reporter: Despite perfect scores from the judges. Leaving the ballroom stunned. I'm so surprised to be standing here with the two of you tonight. Reporter: The competition in full swing, as the stars set out on the road to the finals. ♪ Reporter: Corbin bleu performing an impeccable jazz routine. Leah remini's tango moved to be one of her outstanding routines of the season. Like a red-hot diva. Reporter: The judges, well, less than impressed with bill engvall's charleston. He landed at the bottom of the leaderboard again. You've got to come out on that next dance. Or it's going to be the end of the line for you. Reporter: But despite his lackluster dance moves, it's elizabeth who left the ballroom teary-eyed. Growth as a human being from our partnership. It is something I will hold so dear to me fraeorever. They're so good. Flying all night long. Please become, elizabeth and val. Come on. We thought you were going to make the final. You had the first perfect score of the season. Another perfect score last night. Were you as surprised as everyone else when you heard your name? Well, I mean -- just tell us the truth. I'm not someone who feels I felt like we were working so hard. We had just hit this really beautiful rhythm. And we were getting great scores. And so, I was a little surprised, sad, I have to admit. Disappointed because I felt like we had more dances in us. You had more dances in you. Clearly, I still don't know what happened. You know, I don't have any bad feelings or I'm not bitter at all. I think she is incredible. My friend texts me, this is b.S. No, smile. Enjoy it. There's so much to celebrate. But it feels like you almost went -- you don't get credit for the great dance you did that night. Well, the thing is, though, if you've got to go, I have to say, it was a very sweet night. We had a beautiful duelality with a sexy viennese waltz. And then, the salsa. It was really a moving night in that way to me. And to do that with val, on this journey together, you know -- and you look good, by the way. What's it like working with a perfectionist? It's hard. It's a lot of work. But you know, it's so rewarding. And I'm very grateful to have someone like her. All of the things that i complained about or were annoyed about, you know, her over-the-top love and commitment to everything she does. How much time she spends giving people -- she just gives people herself. And her time. And so, I mean, she's an incredible person. It was a pleasure to work with. And adds a lot of responsibility on you to make sure that you deliver. I think I made the right choices. And I feel we did that. You just said it very well. I felt like you gave 200%. And it was really inspiring, as a woman, just to watch you. You weren't a dancer. You clearly had dance experience. Are you surprised at the growth you had as a dancer? I loved it as a kid, growing up, to reconnect to something that I loved, like a passion like that, that immediate made me feel a certain kind of confidence. Just added so much. I mean, I agree so much with him as my teacher. He pushed me to new levels, that I mabel wouldn't have known how to do. And I'm really grateful, you know, each week he was so careful to create moments where I could shine. And someone who has your back like that is huge to me. Just so many blessings across the board. It was a perfect partnership. That was a fun moment. It was awesome. I wish we could have two more weeks and still do our thing and give it a crack at winning the thing. But the truth is, I have no regrets. There's literally nothing more i could have done. Nothing more that she could have done. That's the thing. What you're saying is so huge. In life and anything you do, to be able to walk away and say, there's nothing I could have given. Also, I know -- you know this. Every day, like, on the way driving there, I'd be like, thank you, thank you. Sometimes I get in my car with some tears in my eyes after, just because the rehearsal was so amazing. So, I really -- it was a great season. We're getting close to the final three. Find out who will be next to leave the ballroom. You'll see it on abc. Inside the day in the life

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{"id":20860889,"title":"Elizabeth Berkley's Shocking 'DWTS' Elimination","duration":"6:03","description":"The actress and her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, talk about their time on the show.","url":"/GMA/video/elizabeth-berkleys-shocking-dancing-stars-elimination-20860889","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}