Emergency Flood Rescues Continue Overnight

Ginger Zee reports the latest on the dangerous flooding in the Midwest.
2:33 | 08/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emergency Flood Rescues Continue Overnight
It turned out of the death toll rising along with the flood waters after a week of torrential downpours and daring rescues. Emergency workers kept. Frantically busy overnight and our meteorologist ginger -- is on top of the story good morning ginger and good morning be honest some of the previous pictures coming out of -- his springs Colorado you can see here the cars just stuck in the water very muddy looking an almost black at times it NCAA here until. KR DL our affiliate just kept coming in the new pictures new video we kept saying no way this town terrified. -- -- -- proved religiously slowing yeah. -- this highway outside of Colorado Springs transformed into a turbulent currents and might air a frightened and desperate to -- to safety then. Yeah. I don't know. Barely making it out alive he almost black water splashing over that car forcing you to decide. Cars rushing and -- passed in the waters. Rescue crews on another road wasting a man to safety. This morning we know one person is dead his body found buried in debris. These forceful floods terrorizing this town just six miles from Colorado -- -- Cart just floated away others are floating laying down at that moment I knew that the water was getting hiring gonna come over by -- -- to get -- here. Swallowing streets and chewing away at backyards. The -- They all went down after more than an inch of rain fell in less than forty minutes that's too much too fast for the scarred land burnt by -- Waldo canyon fire of 2012. And that's why the water so dark the charred -- -- rushing down with a heavy rains it's the third -- to hit the area and the month. -- crashed and crumbled scenes behind. Slightly -- for both parts of Colorado today but we have to keep on alert always as we go through this because the land isn't getting any vegetation any time -- still very dry in general. And want to show you this because this morning we've got flash flood warnings in effect for parts of Arkansas and Missouri still an area sell hard hit this. Of this whole week really you can see two plus inches of rain just in a very short amount of time it's all coming along the stationary front this thing has been on -- and for the next 48 hours. Places like -- -- Memphis Nashville and Raleigh all have to be on alert I'll come back of the nation's weather but the whole lot more Dan. To be a wet and dangerous weekend in parts of America ginger thank you.

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{"id":19924282,"title":"Emergency Flood Rescues Continue Overnight","duration":"2:33","description":"Ginger Zee reports the latest on the dangerous flooding in the Midwest.","url":"/GMA/video/emergency-flood-rescues-continue-overnight-19924282","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}