Emeril Lagasse Surprises Sheree Ann Jones as 'Breakfast in Bed' Winner on 'GMA'

Just in time for Mothers' Day, Emeril Lagasse and the "GMA" gang surprise this deserving mom who gave up her career - and her wedding ring -- for her family.
8:01 | 05/06/16

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Transcript for Emeril Lagasse Surprises Sheree Ann Jones as 'Breakfast in Bed' Winner on 'GMA'
So excited for that and for our big celebration right now. Right here in times square we're honoring teachers for teachers appreciation week. Thank you, teachers, all of you. We have a fabulous group as you can see in our studio. Our everyday superheroes and there's one very special former teacher in this group. Sheree. Is that you? Come here, Sheree Jones, how are you? Good. You're a former teacher and your daughter is a teacher now. Yes, I have a sons that a teacher as well. My goodness. My friend or my dad. It's in the family. So that's why we're showing our appreciation. But there's something else, as well. What's on Sunday. Oh, it's mother's day. It's mother's day. Yes. It's mother's day on Sunday. You know, we do these they will lings on "Good morning America" over the years where we celebrate a mother and we have a special guest that does it, emeril, come on out! Hello. I am so delighted to meet you. I'm delighted to meet you as well. You know, we had tons and tons of people who responded to emeril's breakfast in bed and I want to tell you you are the winner of emeril's breakfast in bed but you know what, I got to tell you -- Thanks. Are you okay? I think. You know what we found out about you, you have a daughter tiffany. Yes, I do. Well -- Tiffany. Oh, man. So I want to have robin just introduce just a little thing about you. Okay? Oh, man. Here's your story. Oh, man. Sheree Jones has always but her family first. Even sacrificing a teaching career to be at home to raise her five children with her husband Brent in Salt Lake City. Her kids were everything. Staying them anywhere any time even when out jogging. When I was younger and she pushed me around in the stroller everywhere. As she raised her family, selflessness would be Sheree's example. I was coming home from soccer one day and all these stuff was on my lawn. My mom had arranged to have a yard sale. A secret yard sale to raise money so that tiffany could participate in a soccer tournament in Europe. The big ticket item to cover airfare, a cherished piece of furniture, a baker's rack. She had put it on layaway and took her a year to pay for it. I think at 16 I was just still so into myself that I didn't really realize it until later on of what a huge sacrifice that was. Sheree's generous acts and tender mercies were often kept secret including the incredible deed behind our breakfast in bed intri. It's a story of Christmas when the Jones children were young. My mom never had a wedding ring. When we were little, I noticed that my mom's ring finger was bare and when we'd ask her she would just say, oh, it was lost. We just always knew that she had lost her ring. But a dramatic revelation just a few months ago, the ring wasn't lost at all. Listen to this. We said, mom, what happened to your original wedding ring? Got really quiet. And she looked at us and said, I've never told anybody this before, years ago when money was tight we couldn't afford Christmas and so I sold my ring to the pawnshop so we could give you guys a Christmas. Such a long kept secret that no one else knew. Not even shear re's sister who was deeply moved. That really humbled me because I mean who would do that? Who would give up their wedding band? She's that kind of person. Her babies now all grown up, still get mom's undivided attention. Every time I'm home she's like you could live here for free instead of paying, you know to live somewhere else. I'm a bass player in a hard rock band called uncle muz. And she will go every single time to watch him play and get her earplugs in. She comes and supports me anyway. I'm a better person because she's been in my life. Just how lucky I am. You know, like she's incredible. You know, couldn't ask for a better mom. So this morning, "Good morning America" and emeril Lagasse honor a mother, her secret gift and the love she receives in return. Surprise! Happy mother's day. Mom, you're going to kill me. We love you. You're the best mom ever. Oh. That's wonderful. Oh. How do you feel? I feel honored and like undeserving. No. Totally deserving. So, so deserving. Where are the other kids? In they're in Provo working maybe. Oh, maybe. Oh, no. Come on out, kids. There they are. Oh. Hugs all the way around. Who's the rocker? All right. All right. So, guy, what do you want to say to your mom? We love you. Thanks for all you do. Besides happy mother's day, right? Right. Yeah, well. Tell us a little bit -- Not what I expected. Did you -- you didn't know until recently that your mom had given up the wedding ring is there that's right. For Christmas. We had no idea until a little bit ago and she just told my sister and I about it and I was completely overwhelmed and I bawled my eyes out but at the same time I wasn't surprised because it's so typical of her to sacrifice something like that for us. Somebody missing? Oh, I love -- Somebody is missing. Well, wait a minute. But your sister, was she so incredibly dear. Where is she right now? Well, I wonder. Maybe -- Come on out, Nancy. All right. Oh, wow. The doors open like that. I know, really. Wow. So adorable. Oh. So nance, I saw you get emotional in the piece. Yeah, it was very emotional. You tell us about your sister. Tell us about her. Well, maybe we don't. My sister is the perfect example to everyone as a mother, she's always been so giving and she always sacrifices and her needs always come first before anyone else's. Okay. There's just one person missing. Who could that be? That's my honey. Emeril? Is he here? The parting of the doors. There you go. Come on, Sheree. You had no idea. No. You had no idea. This is for teachers. Teacher appreciation week. Was it hard for you all to stay away from your mom? We had you sequestered in different parts of the studio. We were like, do not come out of the room. You wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. Well, this is only the beginning. That's right. We've got a lot of surprises for all of you upstairs. Yeah, but let's go upstairs. We'll have that and take it

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"Just in time for Mothers' Day, Emeril Lagasse and the \"GMA\" gang surprise this deserving mom who gave up her career - and her wedding ring -- for her family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38916785","title":"Emeril Lagasse Surprises Sheree Ann Jones as 'Breakfast in Bed' Winner on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasse-surprises-sheree-ann-jones-breakfast-bed-38916785"}