Emeril Lagasse's Slow-Cooked Lasagna

The world-famous chef has just published his 18th cookbook, "Emeril's Cooking With Power."
3:41 | 10/24/13

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Transcript for Emeril Lagasse's Slow-Cooked Lasagna
Always so great to have our friend, emeril lagasse here. He has just published his 18th cookbook. This is called "emeril's cooking with power." And it shows you how to make tasty dishes using appliances. We're going to concentrate on a recipe I'm surprised to hear. You can make lasagna, in a slow-cooker. "Cooking with power," is the four most used electrics. Slow cooker, pressure cooker and a multicooker. We're going to make lasagna inside a slow cooker. There's only a handful of recipes that I knew. Now, you have so many. Exactly. People have these machines. And they say, what do I cook with them? What's the difference between making lasagna, as opposed in a slow cooker. It's going to cook nice and slow. We're going to add the herbs, salt, pepper, basil, oregano. We set up the slow cooker. We take this ragu, which can be made ahead of time. And we're going to put this on the bottom, lara. George, if you would, you can mix that for me, that would be great. Now, what we're going to do, is take about three or four noodles on the bottom. I did the sauce first. Right. Then, we're going to put the noodles down. Okay? Then, we have that. Then, what we're going to do, is take another layer of the sauce. And then, what we're going to do is get that nice and even. And then, we're going to add some cheese. We're going to add some grated mozzarella. We're going to add some provolone cheese, just because i like the sharpness of provolone. I usually don't think of provolone in lasagna. That's the emeril way. I would think this could get tricky in the serving portion. It could get tricky when you took in 26-degree weather here. George, give me a layer there. Spread that around. More noodles. And you continue that. Give me another good layer or two of sauce. Now, we come over here, guys. George, unveil. Here it is. You take this slow cooker. And this cooks for four hours. Look at this. Wow. All right. Four hours. You have one? In the multicooker, not only do rice. We made a stir fry with beef and vegetables. I use the local green beans. You use the rice setting, brown the meat, take the meat out and put everything in and do a stir fry. The pressure cooker. You know how hard it is for pumpkin to cook. We made pumpkin curry soup in ten minutes. You have a slow cooker, pressure cooker, fast, multicooker, right in the middle. There you have it. Isn't that good? This is so good. The name of the book, "emeril's cooking with power." These are powerfully delicious recipes. For the complete recipes on

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{"id":20668147,"title":"Emeril Lagasse's Slow-Cooked Lasagna","duration":"3:41","description":"The world-famous chef has just published his 18th cookbook, \"Emeril's Cooking With Power.\"","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasses-slow-cooked-lasagna-20668147","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}