Emma Stone Describes 'Overwhelming' SAG Awards Win

Stone, 28, spoke to ABC News' Chris Connelly about her Best Actress win for her role in "La La Land."
3:31 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for Emma Stone Describes 'Overwhelming' SAG Awards Win
But now you lose one minutes those three were here is out there cheering for you. As a field trip. It's really it's really overwhelming it's it. It means so much to me. Why isn't some I age I just think you know what does thinking that inevitably any time that I didn't sag awards so wild beast surrounded by people. In your exact. You know did. Your exact and we obviously world and industry that you're same. Job title like that these people that have been and to look currencies originally inspired me. For so long and and knowing that tens of thousands of people within sag. Have seen the films and shows and everything it's it's just it's just it's insane I am just select you to be an actor and it's incredible to be. Now. Given us by actors. You famously put together that PowerPoint presentation for your parents about coming to California be an actor where did this factor into that power president. Though the an expected part. And Whisenhunt. Not something. I really. Conceptualize and it. You said this movie sort of action shape the way you felt about Los Angeles again to keep you Los Angeles back in what did you mean when you set. And why I moved to New York. Eight years right Lipton LA for six years and then to your spelling. I just I just wanted to being in that city and then coming back here and seen it Jordanians eyes and seeing the production designer do you intend to Moscow group. Turned locations that real into something that looked bacon added incredible flowers fire hydrants and lampposts and it was this. You know there were over seventy locations walking through the city and thinking about how it gives people. You know it gives people with the dreaming can make their dreams come true or it can. Crushed parts of them end the week this city. Refuses to eat it's just didn't it's just a wild place and I relieved I sat through new lines. You done this movie now and now like that song is saying. There are fourteen year old girls up there in small towns in Ohio and Texas and South Carolina. Who were dreaming these same dreams that you once said and you've given them the strength to do it how does that for you. That's us. Critically kind of you to say I really want to finish high school. If they don't condone necessarily expect they've enacted. Husband but it. I. It's you know I think that. Being. Creative person as an angry gifts of my life and tenants agree to get to do something you know. Let's mean take walls down and myself and explore people and stories in. It's it's a great things and let's be creative and explore their lives in line. Party. Earlier. This. What she texted me she says is ferries across set up. Fijian off this. So yeah it didn't end and that's you know of course is that the incident is at its. A nationalist. It.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Stone, 28, spoke to ABC News' Chris Connelly about her Best Actress win for her role in \"La La Land.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45150379","title":"Emma Stone Describes 'Overwhelming' SAG Awards Win","url":"/GMA/video/emma-stone-describes-overwhelming-sag-awards-win-45150379"}