Emmys 2013: Red Carpet Fashion

ABC News' Melissa Rycroft takes a look at all the hottest styles from the award show.
5:14 | 09/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emmys 2013: Red Carpet Fashion
I think it is time we all have our favorites. The emmy fashion was amazing. Back to hollywood now where melissa rycroft is and thing by with the latest on the hits and the misses. I didn't see a lot of misses. What do you think? I didn't see a lot of misses either. And yes, lara, we're here in the "w" in hollywood. A lot of folks are just finishing up their afterparties and heading back to their rooms now. But everyone is still buzzing about how great the celebs looked on the red carpet. Take a look. Vivacious vergara, whimsical washington. It was a night of "breaking bad" style. And who would win the game of fashion thrones. Who are you wearing? Marchesa. Claire danes may have taken home the emmy, but I give the award for best dressed to kerry washington. I was looking at the most recent shows in new york. This is the finale dress. I fell in love with it. I called them immediately before any other actress could. Reporter: From ana faris to tina fey. The carpet sparkled with jewel toens. And one of the stars of "modern family" sharing a secret talent. I codesigned this dress with carolina herrera. Reporter: All the bling. And though it was the women who were getting all the attention, the men say, it's well deserved. It's the monkey suit. You can get ready in 30 minutes. You know what, I'm coming out of this. I'm not coming out. I tried to make it easy. I played tennis for two hours and got dressed. I'll be honest. I'm not above a little comfort on the red carpet. That's awesome. That's awesome. What a great night of fashion. And let me tell you something else that's awesome. Not having to pay for high prices for high fashion. Both amy and my red carpet looks came from rent the runway. Chic and affordable. You can't beat that. You know I believe that. We have more to talk about in terms of fashion with our friend katrina zish. One of the looks of the night, rose byrne. She was glowing, of course, with the man of the hour there, but her calvin klein collection, a beautiful pastel dress was right on trend and fit her flawlessly. The cutout detail. The bare midriff. Not everybody can pull that off. Zbri don't recommend it at home. If you have a figure like rose, rock it. You could hang anything on her. It would look great. When someone takes a step and does something edgy, like kerry washington, do they know they're going to get punched and then applauded at the same time? Absolutely. Some people realize that some of the dresses will be polarizing. Even will be talking about them. I think kerry is a great example of that. Some people were going crazy about it, hating it. Others saying by far, it's the best they have ever seen her look. I think she could do no wrong. She's a fashion icon. She takes risks. I thought she was going to win last night. Me, too. I loved when she was up on stage. Claire danes was great. But totally different roles. Was there a color of the might? I think it would have been shades of blue. Tina fey in the great narciso rodriguez kresz. Alison looked so great. Giuliana rancic and zoey deschanel looked great. She's less prom-y. More grown up. Edie falco. Was there a dress you did like, eh. Well, I hate to do that but since you asked. Lena dunham was rough around the edges. It was not flattering. And julianne hough, who generally looks stunning. I didn't like the see-through detail. It was a granny panty sort of -- what is that? What is that? She's so cool. She doesn't care what everybody -- everybody prefers -- she didn't just quite work for me. We'll make her own it all. A huge night on social media

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{"id":20342310,"title":"Emmys 2013: Red Carpet Fashion","duration":"5:14","description":"ABC News' Melissa Rycroft takes a look at all the hottest styles from the award show.","url":"/GMA/video/emmys-2013-red-carpet-fashion-20342310","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}