Star Fashion Shines Bright at the Emmys

Take a look at hottest looks from TV's biggest night.
4:08 | 08/26/14

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Transcript for Star Fashion Shines Bright at the Emmys
Then also sizzling on the "Heat index" so much red carpet goodness, the emmys, it was beautiful last night. A lot of buzz and we're revealing the Facebook -- Dress of the night. Yes, the dress of the night. Yeah, thank you for helping me there. "Intile." Oh, "Instyle." It was coded. Julia Roberts, you are our best dressed of the night. Wow. She looked beautiful. It was sort of like iridescent Navy blue and want to take a look at all the gowns and glamour. Roll them. ? red, white and blue. The hottest Emmy trends feeling almost patriotic and definitely star-spangled. ? Julia Roberts, viola Davis and Edie Falco stunning in sapphire. Julia louis-dreyfus, January Jones and Claire Danes, radiant in red. Sofia Vergara, Kristen wiig and Katie Mara, EE themial in lights and whites. The night's other trends plunging necklines and this modern look from the young stars of "Modern family," both rocking sizzling separates. "scandal"'s Kerry Washington and "Game of thrones" Natalie dormer proving Orange is the new black. While the stars of "Orange is the new black" opted for whites and creams. And there were plenty of risk takers, Lena Dunham sporting a pink ombre tutu and platinum blond bob and Sarah Paulson in a look like no other. ? All right. So let's get right down to it. Joe zee is the chief creative officer of Yahoo! Style and Lori bergamotto is our pal from idea good housekeeping." Red was hot. Red on the red carpet. A big trend. Were you surprised to see that. I was. I think a lot of the, you know, common theory is don't wear red on the red carpet but I coupled at least 1 dresses and did it with embellishments and skin cutouts and took the red and turned it around. You both loved Claire Danes, one of the rids. I loved it. There were so many versions of red on the carpet. Structured and flow and what Claire did was so angelic and so forward in a way, I love that. There was also the big white trend on the carpet. Sofia Vergara wore it very well. We were talking about her. She can do no wrong on a red carpet and does the same sort of dress in this white Cavalli, but if it ain't broke don't fix it. It's not broke. That's right, George. It's definitely not working. White on the carpet is hard to pull off. If you were a styling as you do so many celebrities, what's the best color on a red carpet. I think color, period. Like a jewel tone is my favorite. It really pops, it looks great on TV and great in real life. What about an Orange like Kerry Washington? Well -- I actually know this is a debatable topic but I really liked the Kerry Washington dress. I did too. I loved it. The thing is people were saying, oh, it's Orange with the black, it feels like Halloween but the silhouette was so clean that it worked. It did. But I also think she didn't do a shocking Orange. It wasn't quite pumpkin but butternut squash. I like the piping on it too. Very pretty. It really was. It really was. She's got a great post-baby body. I agree with you, Julia for me was the best of the night. Not a traditional look. I mean, I said last night her best accessory was her legs. She didn't need to carry a bag because she had everything going for her. A nice way to break the mold in terms of red carpet dressing. Jewel tone, viola Davis in her blue gown. So pretty. So pretty and so age appropriate. You know, like viola Davis is not 22 but she was as sexy all the 22-year-olds there last night. Print, tough thing to pull off on the red carpet. Was really subtle. Thanks so much. Fun to look at and see what all the stars wore. Head to on Yahoo!

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Take a look at hottest looks from TV's biggest night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25126104","title":"Star Fashion Shines Bright at the Emmys","url":"/GMA/video/emmys-2014-star-fashion-shines-bright-red-carpet-25126104"}