Investigators Exit Aaron Hernandez Home With Evidence Bags

New England Patriots' star' alleged destruction of a cellphone is part of a murder investigation.
3:55 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for Investigators Exit Aaron Hernandez Home With Evidence Bags
We begin with the latest on aaron hernandez after that police search of his home. John schriffen is live in north attleboro. Good morning, john. Reporter: George, good morning. Aaron hernandez's home behind me has turned into quite a spectacle. Fans even showing up at his house last night knocking on his door looking for an autograph but hernandez has not come out all weekend and police have been very tight-lipped about this active investigation. This morning investigators are poring through surveillance video and other possible evidence trying to figure out who killed 27-year-old odin lloyd, an associate of new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez. The 23-year-old was last seen saturday peeking out his front door's window, the same day police searched his home again. Investigators arrived around 1:40 in the afternoon with a dozen officers, dogs, even a locksmith. This time authorities searched not only the nfl star's million dollar mansion, but his backyard and his white audi suv too. After nearly four hours, investigators emerged carrying brown paper bags from the home which could hold some answers. You want to get the maximum amount of evidence you can potentially get before you charge somebody. Reporter: Sources tell abc news police are focusing on hernandez due in part to surveillance video which appears to show that two men were together near hernandez's house in the hours before investigators believe lloyd died. Lloyd, a semi pro football player for the boston bandits was shot execution style in an industrial park about a mile from where hernandez lives. A car rented in hernandez's name was found nearby. While hernandez has not been charged in lloyd's death, this morning abc news has learned investigators now believe hernandez intentionally destroyed his cell phone and home surveillance system at some point after lloyd was killed. And this morning, abc news has learned an arrest warrant has been drawn for charges of obstruction of justice. But it has not been signed by a judge meaning aaron hernandez has not been charged with a crime at this point. We reached out to his lawyer and he said no comment. George? Okay, thanks very much. More from dan abrams and let's talk about this paper warrant first. Issued but not executed. What does that mean. It means any day now, if not any moment now, aaron hernandez will likely, likely be charged with this particular crime. But, remember, this is just the beginning of the investigation. The authorities are not there at the house with dogs and locksmiths over an obstruction of justice investigation. They're there for a murder Now, that doesn't mean that they're pointing the finger necessarily at aaron hernandez but it means that they are certainly investigating this case there. But the warrant for obstruction of justice, that doesn't mean they can't move to murder later on. Absolutely not. This is likely the first step in this investigation. Now, we don't know if there will be a second step, but they feel that based on what they have now, the lawyer handing over a cell phone in pieces, a security system that had been destroyed, witnesses saying that housekeeping services had been there and I think that's really important, by the way, because i think they're looking for trace evidence now. Because if someone has cleaned the entire house, that doesn't mean you still can't find trace evidence. You can't find things that are little items of blood or something else at a crime scene. So I think that's why they're there. Very interesting to me there's a locksmith there, that there was someone there apparently with something to pry open a door so there may have been some other entrance that they were trying to get access to as well. A lot more shoes to drop. Dan abrams, thanks. Now to that baffling museum

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"New England Patriots' star' alleged destruction of a cellphone is part of a murder investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19471224","title":"Investigators Exit Aaron Hernandez Home With Evidence Bags","url":"/GMA/video/england-patriots-aaron-hernandez-investigation-investigators-exit-home-19471224"}