Erika Heads Towards Florida

ABC News's Rob Marciano tracks the latest weather news from around the country.
2:56 | 08/29/15

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Transcript for Erika Heads Towards Florida
Now to Erika, the storm on a path this morning for Florida. A state of emergency declared there after wreaking havoc across the caribbean. At least 20 dead. More missing and feared dead. Look at those pictures. ABC news senior meteorologist rob Marciano is tracking the storm for us from Miami beach. Rob, good morning. Good morning, Tom. It has been nearly ten years since a hurricane hit Florida. That streak may very well may remain intact when this is said and done but nevertheless floridians have been anxiously watching as Erika carves its way across the caribbean. This morning tropical storm Erika leaving behind a path of destruction killing at least 20 people on the mountainous caribbean island of Dominica and cutting power to thousands in Puerto Rico. As the storm heads to the united States, emergency crews in Florida bracing for impact. Residents rushing to stores clearing shelves and packing vehicles tight. One, two, three. My goodness. That's a lot of water. Waiting for hours to fill up gas tanks and packing away what might be in the storm's path. Here in Miami, there's a lot of new buildings with a lot of glass. Residents are being told to clear patio furniture because this could become a projectile during a storm. Nearly ten years since its last hurricane, Wilma and while this has weakened some, the governor calling for residents to be on alert. Make sure you're taking the time to understand the impact of this. Reporter: The impact as max Mayfield stresses will be the amount of rainfall. Not a very strong system windwise, but there certainly is a lot of rain out here if it were to track further south it'll have a very difficult time doing that. And that has seen a lot of storms come this way and rainfall on the west coast is going to be an issue through the middle part of this week. It is off the coast of Cuba to the southeast and really hammering Haiti and the Dominican Republic with heavy rain, life-threatening mudslides probably ongoing throughout the day today. Wind shear is what it's up against along with topgraphy so likely will make its way across Cuba even though tropical storm warnings up for that. Once in the Florida strait might be a tropical depression, likely to strengthen a little but probably not past hurricane status and the cone has shifted further to the west so Miami probably just seeing some rain. Speaking of rain here's the forecast for Florida. Rainfall will take any kind of rainfall it can get. A bit of a drought here and those are the models that move it off to the west. 10 inches of rain across the islands, Tampa, we saw all that dramatic flooding last month so they are going to be susceptible to flooding as we go through Tuesday, Wednesday, even Thursday of this week. Back to you. All right, I know folks in Florida are still on edge. Rob, we'll check in with you later in the show, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"ABC News's Rob Marciano tracks the latest weather news from around the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33401049","title":"Erika Heads Towards Florida","url":"/GMA/video/erika-heads-florida-33401049"}