Venus Williams Takes Title IX Fight to Pro Tennis

ESPN's "Nine for IX" series first focuses on Williams' push for equal prize money in tennis.
2:58 | 07/02/13

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Transcript for Venus Williams Takes Title IX Fight to Pro Tennis
And tonight's premiere, is venus williams' fight for equality on the courts. It's all about equality. Gender equality. If the guys were making less, we should fight for them. If the girls are making less, we have to fight for them. You have to have an acceptance of whose personality is built for what. And you have to wait sometimes for that person. Billie jean king was the right person. It was her personality. Her issue. Her drive. It was her fire that started this. And you're waiting for that next person. Who is going to be the one? Do you ever watch wimbledon or say to yourself, I might play there someday? Yes. Yes. I would like to win wimbledon, as many times as anyone else can win it. ♪ I think during that period of time she was going through a process of becoming more and more aware through contacts of former greats of the game, like bi billie jean, she had a role to play. I wasn't out there looking to make huge changes. But I felt like I don't like this. I don't think it's fair. I think tennis is a premiere sport for women. We have to set an example here. venus said, I hope I win wimbledon one day. She's won it five times. She wasn't participating this time. But nine documentaries will cover a variety of sports topics. Next week will be a look at the most successful coach ever, pat summitt. We talked about the importance it has played in our life. And all women who have participated. Totally shaped my life. I feel like I wouldn't be the woman I was that I am without college sports. And every lesson it taught me. And it enabled me to go to school. I couldn't otherwise. Exactly. I wouldn't have been available. Thank you, diving. There's generations of young women in this country, the daughters, that won't ever know this. They won't know that once upon a time it had to happen. They need to know about the pioneers and the people who broke sarina. Thank you to you. Thank you to everybody because sarina's going to grow up in a world of equality. It's great. You can see all of the ground-breaking series, "nine for ix" on our sister network, espn.

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{"id":19553428,"title":"Venus Williams Takes Title IX Fight to Pro Tennis","duration":"2:58","description":"ESPN's \"Nine for IX\" series first focuses on Williams' push for equal prize money in tennis.","url":"/GMA/video/espn-ix-series-venus-williams-takes-title-ix-19553428","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}