Eva Mendes Shares Her Fashion Tricks and Tips

The actress provided a first look at her spring collection for New York & Company.
3:00 | 04/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eva Mendes Shares Her Fashion Tricks and Tips
Right now, Eva Mendes makes heads Tur on the red carpet. She's always just so stunning. Well now the actress and fashion icon is giving us a look at her spring collection and have you looking glam and for not a lot of money. ABC's Sara Haines is here with that. Sara, it's really pretty. You and Amy are styling and ends up design is a natural extension for Eva as well. She's always been putting outfits together and experimenting with bold piece and caught up with her to see the new collection but shared some beauty tips. ? Reporter: She's one of the most beautiful women in the world. And the most stylish. Now Eva Mendes adds designer to her list of accomplish manies. Such a classic summer dress. Easy. Too high? Oh. This is definitely a relation. Oh, yeah, this is my beautiful sister Janet. Reporter: Modeled by her family and friend. This is my best friend. This is my beautiful niece Samantha. Has she always been this fashion forward. Yes, always. Amazing style. ? Reporter: She gave us the first look at her spring collection for new Yo York & company. We we all know you as an actress. How do you get too dying. I was fortunate enough to have New York & company to approach me with this opportunity that I honestly didn't think I was ready for. I didn't even -- I was like, are you sure? Me? I wasn't sure I had anything to offer and I'm so happy. It's been the most amazing creative experience. Reporter: The affordable line is full of feminine trend, bold accessories and dresses that accent wait a woman's curves. The inspiration, golden era Hollywood stars. Gina lollobrigida and Sophie Ya Lauren. Reporter: It's full of pieces you can mix and match, jackets, jumpsuits and even -- Lady, don't be scared. This is something I've loved since high school and it's a body suit. Reporter: And jewelry inspired by Mendes' own vintage collection. I feel like we're in a scene from "Pretty woman" right now. Big mistake. Huge. Happy anniversary, darling. The designer also shared a few of her beauty secrets. I think a great beauty tip for me that I actually earn willed from my mother is hair. She always believed that if your hair is down, you can get away with having no makeup or mediocre outfit. Reporter: Another tip, don't be afraid to cinch those curves. I love creating a waist with whatever you have, you know, just having that great look that you love. Who is the woman you're dressing? Oh, the modern-day woman who wears many, many hats but who always wants to look feminine and wants to make the most out of her wardrobe for a very affordable price. Now, Eva was extremely modest about this but I think this might be the hat she wears most Farrelly out of being a model, an actress, a designer, she didn't even think of it as skill. I just don't think I'm a designer but she did it so naturally. Wow. She's so good at everything she does. Thank you so much, Sara.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The actress provided a first look at her spring collection for New York & Company. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23188797","title":"Eva Mendes Shares Her Fashion Tricks and Tips","url":"/GMA/video/eva-mendes-shares-fashion-tricks-tips-23188797"}