New Evidence Revealed in Love Triangle Murder Case

The prosecutors say they found a Siri search on Pedro Bravo's iPhone reading, "I need to hide my roommate."
2:50 | 08/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Evidence Revealed in Love Triangle Murder Case
half hour with the latest on that sensational trial out of Florida involving threeee teens in a love triangle. Pedro bravo, allegedly driven by jealousy to murder his best friend. Prosecutors releasing key data from his cell phone. ABC's Matt Gutman is tracking it all and joins us this morning. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Hey, good morning, robin. Through six days of testimony, the prosecution has presented what seemed a mountain of physical evidence against Pedro bravo. Now they're offering something you could call the most unusual accessory to murder, siri. For the first time jurors hearing Tuesday about a chilling inquiry prosecutors say was made by a man who murdered his best friend. They found a siri search on Pedro bravo's iPhone Reading I need to hide my roommate but the defense pointing out the screen grab was among hundreds on bravo's phone and there's no way to know if bravo asked that question. It's a screen shot from an iPhone. It's probably not Mr. Bravo's iPhone. Reporter: He's accused of drugging and strangling his friend inside his SUV in 2012, a murder prosecutors claimed was fueled by a fit of jealousy after bravo learned Aguilar was dating his ex-girlfriend from high school. The medical examiner testified about the fragments of duct tape found on the victim's body. The tape appeared to be looped about both wrists. And I saw them. Reporter: On Monday the jury hearing directly from the accused killer as his interrogation tapes played in court. Bravo admitting to police he did see Aguilar on the night of his death. He got out of the car and I saw him and after that I remember going in the car and I remember seeing him in my rear view mirror while I was driving away. Reporter: The prosecution agreed that bravo did drive away but they allege with Aguilar's body in the back of bravo's SUV before he stashed it in a forest. Did you obtain a search warrant for the bedroom of Pedro bravo? Yes. Reporter: The Florida man who pleaded not guilty sat stone-faced throughout what seemed more damning police testimony. The wallet belonged to Christian Aguilar with the debit card, credit cards and driver's license. Where were those items located? Inside the closet of Pedro bravo's closet. Reporter: Now, coming up today we're told to expect another police forensics expert could be bruising to bravo's case. Now, his defense is expected to get the case later in this week. They'll have to explain all that physical evidence against him, his inconsistency and his story and, of course, his obsession with Aguilar's girlfriend. Robin. Yeah, much to explain. All right, Matt, thank you.

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{"id":24958316,"title":"New Evidence Revealed in Love Triangle Murder Case","duration":"2:50","description":"The prosecutors say they found a Siri search on Pedro Bravo's iPhone reading, \"I need to hide my roommate.\"","url":"/GMA/video/evidence-revealed-love-triangle-murder-case-24958316","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}