Exclusive Sneak Peek at Jason Derulo's 'Cheyenne' Video

Derulo, the most played male artist of 2014, just dropped his new album, "Everything Is 4."
2:09 | 06/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Exclusive Sneak Peek at Jason Derulo's 'Cheyenne' Video
Oh, taking a look at an exclusive sneak peek for Jason derulo's latest single "Cheyenne." His new album "Everything is 4" just dropped Tuesday. We are happy to have him with us back this morning. Oh, I love that new video. Tell us a little behind it. Thank you very much. So basically I wanted to do something really special. I wanted to take it back to where videos had like a huge concept and also had like a huge dance break, you know what I mean so you don't see it in this clip but there's a huge dance break at the end where, you know, a bunch of dancers, myself and we just break it out but the video is -- it's kind of like "The haunting." Cry yen is haunting my mind and she pretty much kind of -- I love it. Haunts me within the video and it's like a haunted house almost. I love how you describe it. Almost like what you were doing for us right there. "Everything is 4," oh, goodness, who isn't on that? The collaboration is terrific. Thank you, yes, Stevie wonder, J. Lo, Meghan Trainor. Keith urban. Keith urban. A bunch of amazing, amazing collaborators. What is "Everything is 4" mean? Everything is for a reason. Everything is for my fans, everything is for my family. Everything is for my few our and everything happens for a reason so I thought it was the perfect title for me because all of those things are so relevant in my life and just seemed like the perfect title. And you are everything. Thank you for the quick stop by. I know people are going to be hard rock cafe. It'll be streamlined -- Yes. On Yahoo! Okay, you'll be back in a couple of weeks. Jason's "Everything is 4" is available now. He'll take over central park next Friday for our "Gma" summer and it will be summer by then we promise, Jason. Hopefully. Hopefully. We'll be right back. "Everything is 4."

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"Derulo, the most played male artist of 2014, just dropped his new album, \"Everything Is 4.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31522220","title":"Exclusive Sneak Peek at Jason Derulo's 'Cheyenne' Video","url":"/GMA/video/exclusive-sneak-peek-jason-derulos-cheyenne-video-31522220"}