Expecting Mother Found Strangled in Hawaii, Father Missing

Officials investigating letters that allege that the woman's boyfriend had been murdered as well.
3:00 | 12/15/13

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Transcript for Expecting Mother Found Strangled in Hawaii, Father Missing
Now two a murder mystery in paradise involving a young couple. Looking to start a new life in Hawaii they were just months away from having their first child then she was strangled and he disappeared. ABC's -- gas has much more now on this very good morning. Good morning -- this couple was living -- campsite in a remote town. -- the coast of Hawaii's big island police have been trying to solve the crime and disappearance for months and still nothing. This morning to families searching for answers loved -- speaking out on the mysterious death of 25 year old -- royal. And the disappearance of her boyfriend 22 year old -- as Johnson they were excited about you know -- being pregnant. And -- in this new adventure in new life but her fairy tale took a tragic turn and has now become a chilling mystery. Royal was found in May of this year strangled. Her body dumped in the ocean and no sign of Johnson. A word definitely concerned he was also murdered alongside Britney it's very possible. Her body showed up and it didn't. Police say they suspect Johnson in her brutal murder but he has seemingly vanished investigators say a seven month long search has been no closer to finding their only suspect. Existing. Are we need to blame someone who is meeting here -- not even be alive to defend himself. An affidavit filed with the Hawaii district court states Johnson may have used a false name to stay at a nearby hostile two weeks after royals murder. The manager telling police she recognized the image of -- as Johnson. But quote this mail use the name of Jeffrey Alan and that he abandon the room suddenly leaving behind several bags of personal items one of the things that. Has been. Very perplexing is that there has been so many twists and turns to this story both families say they don't know what to believe and according to -- mother Hawaiian police have been sharing little to no information. -- -- away and needing to find out -- That is blocking the grief process which -- been really really difficult for us it's -- it's like a complete out of body experience. And it's just been really tough. ABC news reached out to investigators and -- that we have not heard back. And in yet another twist to this murder mystery several months ago anonymous notes were sent to local media outlets and posted around town suggesting that Johnson had also been murdered. -- about those letters allege that he was murdered by angry locals because he was about to buy some land to start a lot -- tourism. Business. Is -- Gary necessary so hard on the fan Lindsey thank you thanks.

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{"id":21224598,"title":"Expecting Mother Found Strangled in Hawaii, Father Missing","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials investigating letters that allege that the woman's boyfriend had been murdered as well.","url":"/GMA/video/expecting-mother-found-strangled-hawaii-father-missing-21224598","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}