Expert tips on how to declutter and reorganize your home in 2018

Lifestyle expert Melissa Garcia shares her top tips for cutting out the clutter in your closet, kitchen and home office.
4:19 | 12/29/17

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Transcript for Expert tips on how to declutter and reorganize your home in 2018
for this segment all day, starting fresh as we get ready to ring in 2018. One way to do it is get organized around the house. We have Melissa Garcia. Welcome. Thank you. Don't people want to shed weight? I want to shed the junk around my house. I so hear you. The truth is the average family has $1600 worth of clutter in their home and the best part is if you get rid of it you save 40% on cleaning. Those are stats I'm in. If anybody has kids clean the house and five minutes later it's a disaster. Before we move on to the kitchen let's start with the closet. What can we do. For the closet we only wear 20% of our clothing in the closet. If we're honest we can all agree. If you try to figure out what to get rid of, this is the hanger flip tick sneak. All your hangers are facing one way when you wear one piece, you return it to your rack facing the other way so give it three to six months, whatever hasn't flipped, those are the pieces you're thought wearing so you can donate or toss those. That's a good way to figure it out. Folding. If there's only one thing you take away from it, it is this. This has saved my life. Yes. Folding. You're a huge Marie Kondo fan. Vertical foal something huge. So start with your shirt up. The drawer in the bottom is super dirty and messy which is probably what most of ours looks like. You finish it a third and third and nice and neat and you stack it vertically. We were just staying if you have kids this is great. They can see everything and they're not shoving everything back in. It saves so much time. Should we make room for this? We'll shove it right in. You only have to fold them once. In the kitchen, I open my cabinets and things fall out. So the idea of just using simple bins, 7.99 and grouping items into the bin so everything isn't falling out. The bins really help and the kids can help put stuff away. Another great tip here is with these little airtight containers, the one thing I had a problem with, some of them can be 20 bucks and really expensive. We found these at IKEA for $2.99 to $3.99. Nice and easy and get rid of the bulky packaging. And the kids can use it as an instrument. Makes me so excited to see clear containers. Now you're a mom of three. We both have three children. Not together but we have three children. And of this, I have a room full of bins of their artwork and their projects@ from school. I don't know if all of you face this. I don't want to get rid of them but they've taken over. I totally hear you. You're either the mom that saves everything or throws everything out. I do. So you want to be somewhere in between. I love this. This is from plum trips. Go in there and open up the drawer. There is a little surprise if so plum prints is a service you send in your pictures, even actual crafts and artwork. What they do is take pictures and as you can see here is the picture and make this beautiful sort of coffee table book that you can keep. I'm going to cry. This all has become a coffee table book. That gets rid of tons of artwork. In the home office we all have one. Wire central. So a great DIY technique get these little commando hooks and stick them along the side of your desk and run the wires through it and you can't see them. These are command hooks. And pull right off if you want. You don't have to keep them on forever and won't damage your desk. Another great tip, with your router or modem, pop it into a box like this for 2.99. Cut out the back as you can see here, for ventilation and then once you turn it around, you can't see -- looks like a decorative box. I just need to give you a hug and feel like I shed a lot of stress. Thank you. Thank you. So cute, right? Ryan Seacrest is here with new year's rockin' eve secrets.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Lifestyle expert Melissa Garcia shares her top tips for cutting out the clutter in your closet, kitchen and home office. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52036534","title":"Expert tips on how to declutter and reorganize your home in 2018 ","url":"/GMA/video/expert-tips-declutter-reorganize-home-2018-52036534"}