Flash Floods Cause Devastating Mudslides in California

Search and rescue operations are underway to locate people who may have been swept away.
1:57 | 08/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flash Floods Cause Devastating Mudslides in California
It is a busy news morning, begin with the massive wall of water and the now-deadly mudslide in southern California, stranding thousands in an instant. Brin Brandi Hitt has more. Reporter: Take a look at the wall of mud that's devoured this driveway and spread up to the front door. The fast-moving waters and debris sweeping the area so quickly, not everyone had enough time to escape. Overnight, flash flooding sending mud and debris through southern California, swallowing cars, campers and vans. Unbelievable. Reporter: Thunderstorms brought flash floods, as much as 4 inches falling in one hour, causing a wall of debris to cut off access to two mountain towns. Leaving at least 2,000 stranded. Including 500 adults and children at a summer camp program. One person was killed after swift-moving floods swept their car away. In forest falls, a wall of moving mud as high as 15 feet and up to 75-feet wide. Watch how quickly the flood appears. That's the sound of trees snapping. And seconds later, this torrent of water. At least five rescued. Nearby, this car trapped underwater. Rescuers breaking the windows, making sureno one inside. This vehicle empty, a small shred of hope. This is the worst since at least 1969. Reporter: That water is desperately needed elsewhere in the state. More than a dozen fires currently burning in northern and central California. There is an active search and rescue operation underway to find anyone else who may have been swept away as they clean up this massive mess. Thank you. And more flooding in the

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{"id":24830081,"title":"Flash Floods Cause Devastating Mudslides in California","duration":"1:57","description":"Search and rescue operations are underway to locate people who may have been swept away.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-weather-flash-floods-devastating-mudslides-california-24830081","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}