Monster Waves and Dangerous Rip Currents Assault the US

Severe weather causes hazardous water conditions on both coasts.
1:12 | 08/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Monster Waves and Dangerous Rip Currents Assault the US
Now to monster storms causing massive waves and dangerous rip currents. Ginger tracking that. Yeah, this only happens about once per decade for a lot of these folks in southern California, that's why you got the people watching and look at this video. What happens when you're watching. And it crashes right over the edge. Yes, some of the waves reportedly up to 20 feet high, of course, surfers taking advantage but lifeguards having to pull several people out of the water and now we're looking for that storm that has been causing -- you can see that surfer just clicking off the top there. That storm, Marie, now a tropical storm. It is still weakening but as we get closer to land we still have a high surf advisory for some waves reaching 10 to still 15 feet so the threat not over. On the east coast you know we've been talking about this and already have seen two deaths due to rip currents. Even though you want to enjoy the holiday weekend early here's the timing for you. As that storm pulls away we will see some rough surf. Dangerous rip currents improving today in the southeast and here in the northeast, new England, waves as big as ten feet. Okay, thanks, ginger. The latest on the American journalist held hostage by Isis militants. The mother of Steven sotloff recording an emotional plea

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{"id":25156784,"title":"Monster Waves and Dangerous Rip Currents Assault the US","duration":"1:12","description":"Severe weather causes hazardous water conditions on both coasts.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-weather-monster-waves-dangerous-rip-currents-assault-25156784","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}