Severe Storms Soak the Nation

Heavy rains, high winds, and raging floodwaters cause chaos all across the country.
1:33 | 08/02/14

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Transcript for Severe Storms Soak the Nation
the storms hitting the country. Lots of places cleaning up from a waterlogged mess while other spots are seeing their share of dangerous hail. ABC's Marci Gonzalez is here with more. Good morning, Marci. Good morning. This one well beyond summer showers so many are used to. Parts of Virginia got as much as 2 inches an hour and in some places it is still coming down. Overnight, seven states battling severe storms. Heavy rains, winds and flooding from Rochester, New York. Broken tree. It was a broken swing. Reporter: To New Jersey. Submerging this parking lot. Oh, my god. Reporter: Leaving this park underwater. The rain and wind sent this tree crashing into a Charlotte, north Carolina, home while in Georgia, driver has to turn back, the streets overcome by rushing waters. Farther west a hailstorm pummeling west Lafayette, Indiana. Dropping more than 5 inches of rain there. This driver struggling to make his way through the downpour in Wisconsin and even more trouble on the roads in Houston, Texas. Rainwater surging around this car trapping it. People living in this nearby apartment complex aren't going anywhere either of the cars parked inside this parking garage there destroyed by flooding. Probably several hundred thousand dollars worth of damage in there. I might have to look at a new car here. And it continues a second day of flooding expected today. Raining here in New York, as well. Marci, thank you. We'll get back to summer soon

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{"id":24818697,"title":"Severe Storms Soak the Nation","duration":"1:33","description":"Heavy rains, high winds, and raging floodwaters cause chaos all across the country.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-weather-severe-storms-soak-nation-24818697","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}