Subzero Temperatures Sweep US

From California to Michigan, 23 states are being hit with the coldest air since the 1990's.
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Transcript for Subzero Temperatures Sweep US
It feels like it is 28 below in denver. The windchill. And that's where we find our clayton sandell. Reporter: Good morning, ginger. Overnight here in denver, the low temperature record was smashed. The new record, minus 14 degrees. All that arctic air here is feeling less than a cold snap and more like a cold slap. Icy invasion. At least 23 states, from california to michigan, being assaulted by one of the coldest air masses in decades. Temperatures in some areas expected to drop 30 to 50 degrees in as little as 12 hours. I can feel the truck kind of sliding. Reporter: Treacherous roads in the twin cities, attacking drivers. Highways littered with icy spinouts. Oh. We're going to hit. We're going to hit. Oh. Reporter: Teams of snowplows marching out in full force. And so many vehicles there, struggling to break free of nearly half a foot of snow. Here in colorado, sub zero windchills. And in parts, up to a foot of snow. On the frigid streets of denver, the salvation army is helping homeless people find shelter. When you get cold snaps like this, it's very dangerous. Reporter: And 25-mile-per-hour winds kicking up icy waves along lake superior. Making it look more like an ocean than a lake. And, ginger, in honor of your first day, why not break out some of our favorite tv cold weather demonstrations. In about ten minutes outside, we made ice cubes. And of course, we have the hammer made from a frozen banana. And my personal favorite, the frozen t-shirt. The bottom line is, for millions of people, it's going to be wicked cold for the next few days. Ginger? Clayton, thank you. I love that stuff. In about eight months, denver, you'll be doing the fried egg on a sidewalk. Let's talk about what happens before then. It's the ice we're concerned about. And it starts tonight through early tomorrow. It's more than a half-inch in little rock. This gets on trees. It gets on power lines and you have major problems. You could see up to an inch adding up into parts of western kentucky. This could put out power. We're going to be talking about this storm through the week. It's minimal snow. But it's still snow. We're not into real winter yet. But it feels like it.

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{"id":21107411,"title":"Subzero Temperatures Sweep US","duration":"3:00","description":"From California to Michigan, 23 states are being hit with the coldest air since the 1990's.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-weather-subzero-temperatures-sweep-us-21107411","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}