Deep Freeze Hits US, Causes Massive Pile-Ups

Winter weather hits across the U.S., creating havoc for travelers.
3:00 | 12/09/13

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Transcript for Deep Freeze Hits US, Causes Massive Pile-Ups
this morning across the northeast. Snow, ice, rain taking hold. Almost a foot of snow fell fast in some parts. Oh. You see how hard it snowed in philly. This is the eagles-lions game. At some point, you could barely see the field. That's good. That's good visibility. Look at the fans. It did not seem like a lot of fun there. Snow and ice. Is literally everywhere. The guy heading to lambeau field in green bay. Look at that situation. The airports also miserable. The flight delays right now. More than 1,000 flights canceled. 2800 canceled on sunday. Dfw was a nightmare. This is the way it looked much of the weekend. Ice rinks stopping cars. Trucks in their tracks. And a new storm is on the way. And you know who is smack dab in the middle of it all. Our ginger zee in hartford, connecticut. Good morning, ginger. Reporter: Good morning, everybody. This is the issue. We have freezing drizzle falling. We put this infrared thermometer. It's warmer up there than it is down here. Sub freezing, 26.9 degrees. This is what happens. We left this out for about an hour. Look at the sheen on there. You can see how the freezing rain makes for a thin coat of ice and dangerous conditions on the road. This picture representative of what happens when that ice hits, covers the trees. This is in arkansas. Most of the nation has dealt with this big storm. The pink, not good stuff. More than two-thirds of the nation having problems with ice this morning. Check it out. Frozen nightmare. From texas through the northeast. Wow. The whole thing is shut down. Reporter: Check out these sheets of ice flying off that building in texas. Watch what it does to the car below. Just outside manhattan, deadly black ice. Leaving a wreck of mangled vehicles, sending at least 40 po the hospital. Swerving on the pennsylvania turnpike ended in dozens of crashes and that killer pileup outside austin. Have she came around the corner. Swerved. Hit the embankment, went airborne up on to the hill. Reporter: Chilling scenes out of wisconsin. In arizona, hundreds of folks stranded overnight in their vehicles. Including this cross-country team. We took a lot of the blankets that were in our charter bus. We spent a lot of our time taking care of the people around us. Reporter: The streets near dallas, ice enough for street hockey. As more than a half foot of snow fell, the gridiron looking more like an ice skating rink. Charlie brown-like moment as the lions kicker slips in the snow. And I've got to tell you, there's another storm on the way. That's right. For the mid-atlantic and northeast tomorrow, snow.

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{"id":21145880,"title":"Deep Freeze Hits US, Causes Massive Pile-Ups","duration":"3:00","description":"Winter weather hits across the U.S., creating havoc for travelers.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-winter-weather-deep-freeze-stands-drivers-massive-21145880","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}