Extremely Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Deb Rottum's custom-made Christmas creations are going viral.
2:21 | 11/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extremely Ugly Christmas Sweaters
? can't touch this ? Okay, so this is a key if somewhat questionable part of the holiday season. Ugly, tacky Christmas sweaters. And now a mom from Tampa is on a mission to ensure that this year no one has to go without. Her creations made per a social media sensation. And T.J. Has more. Before you laugh -- Oh, my word. I need to let you know, the suit was actually my second choice. This was my first choice of attire today. Now before you laugh at this sweater, or at me, you need to know that there's a woman who has turned our love/hate. Reporter: With these Christmas sweaters into something. We love to hate it, from the classics to the eyesores on Brint Bridget Jones. But this season, there's a new queen of the ugly Christmas sweater. About two hours to make the sweater. Reporter: Behold deb in her jingle belly glory. Going viral, modeling her custom-made Christmas creations online. I put my arms out so people can see what I've done to the sleeves. Reporter: And the expression on her face, a strategic move. My goofy face. Have fun and come buy my sweater. Reporter: Some are less amused and more horrified. One saying she scares me. Another writing, my kid saw that face and will not sleep alone. But she's smiling to the bank, her sales quadrupling, and her designs gaining global attention. I love it. It's so much fun when people comment and say they had a really good time in their sweater that I made. Reporter: Whether it's a stroll down sesame street, or a reindeer running over grandma, deb has countless ways to fill you with holiday cheer. And the uglier the sweater the better. We should end the segment before too many are taken. I almost went with that one, rob. The sleeveless thing. I'm not ready to commit to full one. Dan, look at this. It's like he's royalty, he doesn't want to put it on. Well, there are a lot of reasons I didn't to want put it

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Deb Rottum's custom-made Christmas creations are going viral. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27231491","title":"Extremely Ugly Christmas Sweaters","url":"/GMA/video/extremely-ugly-christmas-sweaters-27231491"}