Eyebrow 'Embroidery': All About the Semi-Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Learn how you can get enviable eyebrow arches with this technique that's all the rage among Hollywood's A-listers.
4:50 | 10/11/16

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Transcript for Eyebrow 'Embroidery': All About the Semi-Permanent Makeup Tattoo
These series of this morning it's all about the rafters and then you take me. To fill them in that could last three years ABC's Mark Scott a combo taking a closer look hi Mara Lara good morning government. Having the eyebrows of your dreams about a year's any gels or pencils or shadows to get them. Well for those the bats with over reflective and browse or no grounds at all a temporary eyebrow tattoo could be the answer. Phone route one of Hollywood's hottest red carpet. Seemed happy one from your television securing ninety. And now there's a new ways. The blast in some cases where. This debris here it is more superficial and did not quite as long lasting as for outright tattooing it's called. My First Lady or embroidery and semi permanent eyebrow to chin music behind brush strokes yeah. Eyebrow hair actor fell of the Warren documenting her translation on hand at this summer. The microbe waiting room Julian Phillips have ratified international says good night rallying his. High demands hot fire ready but now it's this really starting to get here. Says the process starts with sketching the browse with a pencil before beginning the micro bleeding process and anesthetic is added for numbing. Then tiny scratches are made on the surface of the skin before injecting a temporary denied that fades over time but while it may be convenient doctors warn if not done right it could make browse look much. Worse the obvious risks are things like infection and scarring the procedure cost anywhere. 500 to 15100. Dollars but. Last one to three gears which some say the is priceless. I think him on amazing I mornings are going to be a lot quicker. I'm happy about that. Now yeah. Phelps takes up to two hours and it takes about a month to heal in terms of maintenance you have to clean it several times a day for two weeks he also have to initially buoyed things like sweating in the sun the lair hack sign me up because when I wash my face my eyebrows to submit each you know win them big egg Shays thank you Mara. All right so we're gonna talk more about this now it allure magazine's editor in chief Michelle Lee welcome back. Okay. I'm. About safety and pain too big concerns insurance for everybody got absolutely one of the four reactors are amazing and it's obviously such and an incredible procedure that given excited about. There are some risks involved but as with everything you have to make sure you do your research and find someone who's really reputable what about the risks as progress I mean it's sort of like tattooing and that again 80 you have somebody like our current. There are some risks and infection but honestly in most cases you're not gonna have a problem and Kai and in pain muscle came out what it really depends on your pain threshold in most cases people who've done it has said it just does a good little pinch. We got to got our model here today Hanna who just hadn't done this morning good looks funny thing. Okay. I will say it now it is expensive so luckily there are some ways that home. Everybody can deal is similar look with just a few products would reduce expense on looking at him by the your browser I've just what are we talking like what I can drink hundreds of dollars is about 500 all of it up to about 901 huddled. It's not cheap and it does take awhile to do so luckily they got their products are ninety's girl that you have no eyebrows because fact that we were all thinking that's guinier was batter so add this does last three year suffer out of the -- it might be a long term. And it isn't really natural look a bit but if you want to use your own make about home. Here is some apps at least we haven't animation over here that shows how to find the right route sheep for your face. So everybody got a pencil common everybody's got a browser what you do is use but that pencil next your nose. To get always that's going to be your inner corner of your brown cut what you do is keep the bottom of the patents on notice and -- it out towards the outside corner you people. This is going to be the highest point of your arch and that you can use as your guide to fill everything in a kind. And then some people like word and aren't some people like last had about a product is he's gotten here you got I reckon out pop mating cry on over here that we used on Lindsay. Sell it the other thing is that not one brown shape is great for every single person's face so Lizzie here has a somewhat more square face. So she can take a really nice bold brassy easy to the floor. Annie after on her which looks amazing yet really really explains. Yeah. Waiting yes exactly and it is a really great fun procedure that people can do and it isn't a time saver to her right parents telly Leo is a happy.

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{"id":42715999,"title":"Eyebrow 'Embroidery': All About the Semi-Permanent Makeup Tattoo","duration":"4:50","description":"Learn how you can get enviable eyebrow arches with this technique that's all the rage among Hollywood's A-listers.","url":"/GMA/video/eyebrow-embroidery-semi-permanent-makeup-tattoo-42715999","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}