FAA Could Change Electronics Rule

Passengers may soon be allowed to leave on their devices during a flight.
3:14 | 06/22/13

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Transcript for FAA Could Change Electronics Rule
I think some flyers it is the single most annoying part of air -- you're right in the middle of satisfying tweet email video -- -- YouTube clip of the trained -- -- -- -- come up. When -- flight crew aggressively makes you shut off your device for so on so many of us have wondered. Do our blackberries candles ipads and the like. Do they really messed things up in the cockpit now -- change could finally on the way and eighty -- rated nine and is at Reagan national airport in Washington DC this morning hey Rick good morning. Good morning -- you -- there's always one where he -- and before you take profit an advisory committee is actually been looking into whether or not. The influence of small electronic affect the situation on a plane. And while these changes are not official summer -- saying they've they've long overdue. Welcome aboard and thanks for playing -- are when it comes to like safety -- usually happy to follow the rules. Make sure your seatbelt as well all but one -- answer your mobile phones and electronic devices are turned off. The fifty year old ban on electronics was even -- -- met in black. The Lee do you like I tell myself went off their time and -- doing no damn airplane while. There's -- we get this what happens he gets up there bounces around on the satellites and plan to tell you -- cell phone off. But on Friday news broke that the FAA may soon allow some devices. -- The cell -- is allowed to transmit at a higher level than for instance Wi-Fi so a cell -- can potentially have more power transmitting its signal. Welcome news for actor Alec Baldwin and kicked -- an American Airlines flight in 2011. Refusing to turn off his phone while playing words with friends before takeoff and not any game manager but a -- -- Smart people. After -- pilots can now use ipads in the cockpit to look at -- manuals. Sure beats the backup plan for an airplane. If the FDA accepted suggestions you might be able to play a -- birds during take off. But the ban on cell phones is expected to continue. But maybe that's a good thing. Excuse me Buena it was beyond your phone it's bad for the plane I'm sorry are -- playing doctor. I'm -- going to -- 5000 Bentley it'll be up to the FAA to decide what to do. Now with only -- figure out how we can -- -- -- time to ring -- security pact outlines. Really important. One step at a time. Are you playing -- -- like that pain in the arena deal in this is going to actually become implemented if they -- -- that. What he'll be up to the FAA to decide where to take these recommendations and whether or not to move forward but there really is a lot of pressure from travelers. To -- allows some of these -- -- devices especially since there really is in concrete proof that it's a fact that. The use of the airplane in flight so music Lindsay music -- people's -- including dances Latin countries is to be satisfying tweets and emails unsentimental and no matter. Perino I -- CEO.

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{"id":19462948,"title":"FAA Could Change Electronics Rule","duration":"3:14","description":"Passengers may soon be allowed to leave on their devices during a flight.","url":"/GMA/video/faa-change-electronics-rule-19462948","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}