Chef Adds Funny Stories to 300-Year-Old Family Cookbook

Fabio Viviani prepares his mom's meatballs, drunken spaghetti and tomato salad with orange and feta.
4:15 | 04/23/13

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Transcript for Chef Adds Funny Stories to 300-Year-Old Family Cookbook
Test Text1 italics Test Text1 plain it's always a good day when on the program fabio viviani's back. He's got a new cookbook. The great thing about this book, 300 -- ten generational grandmother. And my mom only agreed to release the recipe if she could tell everybody through the book the story of what I have done as a child. That's funny you say that. You include a lot of great stories. There's one, you're 7 years old. You're cooking a sponge cake for the pope. And you got to give it to him at the vatican. I did. He was playing with a baseball hat. I didn't know the importance of the man. And I bump his hand. It was a disaster. It was a disaster. It was a disaster. I love it. After a short prison sentence, he's back, now, cooking with us. He's cooking spaghetti. We saw all the wine go in there. You know, there is a lot of time -- there's a lot of time that italian people get together. And when italian people get together, there is a lot of wine. Yeah. Most of the time, the wine is too much to be drunk. So, you had to cook with it. We did -- you put the wine in first. The pasta is cooked into water and wine. Then, we're going to add ricotta cheese, walnuts. We add ricotta cheese and walnuts. The best part about the book is there's recipes for every occasion. With the family, simple ingredients. Easily available in the grocery store. This is all my mom. I don't take credit for anything in this book. Is your mom happy the way the book came out? My mom has no idea how the book came out. The book is in english and she doesn't speak a word of it. She sees that everybody loves the food and enjoys the recipe. And she's proud. Plus, it's a payback for her because there's deeper stories about myself as a child. What's the meat here? We have a little panccetta. It's what bacon wants to be when it dies and goes to heaven. That's so good. Oh. The meatballs are great. Here's the deal, george. I do believe -- oh, inside. Let's go inside. The robin come. It's a meatball. Thank you. We love you. Thank you very much. And she's working on a meatball, I think. Not to work on it. Would you like to try one? Yeah. I stole one ofyours. Stole one of mine. Okay. There's something going on with the oranges in the salad over there. It looks delicious. Think about this one. Over here, now, this probably is the moistest meatball you ever had. My mom's secret -- my mom's secret is not to took the meatball in the oven and put them straight into the marinara sauce. You have to try them. And half meat and -- yes. There is a good component of ricotta cheese that keeps the beef juicy and moist. And then, cooking in marinara sauce. How long do they have to cook? Depending how big they are. Between 20, 25 minutes. Slow and low. No browning. It is good. How much wine did you put in that? So, what you can do here is, you normally put a bottle of wine per gallon of water. But the wine you put in the water -- the wine is substituted for water. What you should do -- go for it, man. Go for it.

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{"id":19022158,"title":"Chef Adds Funny Stories to 300-Year-Old Family Cookbook","duration":"4:15","description":"Fabio Viviani prepares his mom's meatballs, drunken spaghetti and tomato salad with orange and feta.","url":"/GMA/video/fabio-viviani-recipes-italian-dinner-recipes-simple-delicious-19022158","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}