New Face of Bobbi Brown: Kate Upton

Upton and Brown discuss the partnership and answer Facebook, Twitter questions.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for New Face of Bobbi Brown: Kate Upton
In case you missed the big announcement we made at the top of this hour, Kate Upton is the new celebrity face of Bobbi brown cosmeticses and we are so excited to have both beautiful powerful women here to share more of the -- Good morning. I know you love collaborations, Bobbi. Tell us about working with Kate. First of all it's a dream because she's not just a woman that's beautiful. We all know that but she is smart, she is nice and she creates her own rules and I love a woman that does that. You do create your own rules. She does. How are you going to be -- because with it's all women. You know, she lets us embrace who we are and so ow are you going to relate to it. I was so excited to meet Bobbi and be in collaboration with Bobbi brown because it's so amazing. Every day when I'm on set with you I'm so inspired and it's all about your inner beauty and makeup enhances that. You heard it from Kate. It's all about your inner beauty. It has nothing to do with -- That doesn't hurt but it's true and this is something that you have embraced. Confidence. When we feel good we look good. It is not the other way around. It's really if you feel good you look good. You just help bring that out in all of us. I know sometimes working in a collaboration you love to get feedback so is there going to be some special lines with Kate if we're working on it. We have some beautiful Kate colors and she loves, you know, experimenting with the makeup and the way I work is I always want to make sure that whoever I'm doing makeup feels good about themselves so it's a really good collaboration. You don't get that on both sides. Bobbi is always asking do you feel great. How do you like the makeup so it's a dream to be on set. Who do you want to use for hair and styling? It's a collaboration. It's all about confidence. And part of the reason I'm sure there are people coming out of the woodwork that want to work with you. You're selective so what was it like about Bobbi? Especially the pretty powerful campaign. I remember seeing it in all the cab, really hit home with me because it was so amazing all these women felt like they weren't good enough and I think in campaigns nowadays you don't really see that anymore. You know, it's your natural beauty and just want to enhance it or help you feel better about yourself. Pretty powerful campaign is campaign on real women. All women are pretty without makeup but with makeup you're really powerful so Kate is a real woman. She's young, she's a supermodel. All those things but also a real woman with real women issues. I always love how you carry yourself, Kate. I respect that. There's an aura about you and you put everybody at ease that you are around. And curvy girls rule. I'm sorry. We love that. We're going to go to social square. We love clab rations too and talked to our audience and our audience sent in some great questions on Twitter. Come on in. We're going to go to what -- have you seen our new place? Yeah, we did. We've been there. And we re-election indicated this. This old thing and go to the slot machine and questions because beauty 911 because you know there's so many we have. So let's see what the first question -- comes to us, ah, I think this is from Ashley, four small kid, to time but dark circles and acne, thanks, hormones, need a quick easy cover. She wants your help here. Concealer, secret of the universe, corrector will brighten up. Concealer lightens and a bb crime will in two seconds cover the skin and also help it heal. Are you like me I don't leave without a concealer? Me neither. And corrector. To the slot machine again. Something for you, Kate. This question comes on Facebook. And it comes from Rosie, what's your favorite activity to Tay in this shape you've in. Biking and spending time in Florida. Biking is always good. Okay, we have a couple more in here before we have to go. Again, these are coming from our audience. And this question comes from Ali and says, Bobbi, this winter has really dried out my skin and lips. Also I'm starting to blend in with the snow. I'd like to get color. Gel bronzer looks like you had sun and bronzer is the way to Tippett your skin, look for one that's not shiny, not sparkly and not Orange. One more for Kate. 2 for 2 here. I feel like I'm in Las Vegas, come on, baby. Buy mommy a new pair of shoes. How do you combat bad hair days. I put my hair up in a bun. I don't even combat it. Just embrace it. Yeah, exactly. Kate, thank you, Bobbi -- by the way, the foundation is Bobbi brown and lipstick. I'm telling you and I paid for it. She doesn't give it to me. Congratulations. Thank you. We're so excited. You can watch a special -- I cannot read that prompter all the way back there. You can -- let's see. Conversation between Kate and Bobbi about confidence, self-esteem and their very special beauty secrets on our website,

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Upton and Brown discuss the partnership and answer Facebook, Twitter questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23002199","title":"New Face of Bobbi Brown: Kate Upton","url":"/GMA/video/face-bobbi-brown-kate-upton-23002199"}