How a Facebook fitness group has helped members lose a collective 4,000 pounds

The founder of the Missing Chins Run Club, an online group that offers support and tips for men hoping to lose weight, shares his inspirational story live on "GMA."
7:24 | 10/26/17

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Transcript for How a Facebook fitness group has helped members lose a collective 4,000 pounds
And this morning, we have a very inspirational story how one man lost more than 200 pounds and not only that he's helping other men do the same with a secret Facebook group. A real weight loss warrior. ??? for property manager Josh Lajaunie, 420 pounds was the tipping point. So the self-described country boy from Louisiana started walking on a treadmill then he started running and didn't stop. He changed his diet. In here I some red lentils. Split peas. Reporter: And lost 230 pounds. Compared to where I was, I'm an olympian. Reporter: The journey changed him and inspired him to help guys like himself. Giving in his words beer-drinking, back-slapping men an avenue to health and happiness. The secret chins run club was born. A secret face group for big guys only. I've lost 170 pounds. I'm down 1 8 pounds from 500 pounds. I've lost a total of 105 pounds since joining. Reporter: Now up to over 80 members they boast a total weight loss of more than 4,000 pounds. Being a member of the missing chins running club has been an invaluable source of education, inspiration and camaraderie. Reporter: A virtual brotherhood. This group is full of amazing men that hold each other accountable every day. We share our successes, our failures. I can't thank this group enough. Love them to death. Reporter: Changing lives one post at a time. I'll be running my first half marathon here in three weeks. I'm getting healthier. Long live the missing chins. Wow! Yeah. We're excited because we're here now with the amazing guy who started the missing chins run club. I got to love the club. Josh Lajaunie is here with us. Josh, you know a lot of people says research groups really are helpful when trying to lose a lot of weight. You lost so much weight you helped over 80 men do it. Did you think it was going to be so big when you first started? I didn't realize it was going to be so big in the beginning but I really had aspirations that we would be able to reach out. I have been inspired throughout my journey and I felt it -- I felt it important to pay it forward to the universe and do that for other guys and to see what has come of it is just amazing That's how we roll down in New Orleans. That's it. That's it. Good old southern hospitality. Who dat, baby. Love you, man. And all the men that you have helped and we have a few of them here because collectively over 1,200 pounds collectively. Some of the men that have been helped. ??? let it go. You don't even recognize them. Who are you? We're going to talk to Jason Cohen, another Louisiana boy. You lost 125 pounds. You said the group was helping you keep on track. Whenever I didn't feel like getting up and running I would see somebody else they posted four, I have to run six. They run six, I have to run eight. Lace up my shoes and just get out there. Oh, wow, it's working for you, man. Thank you. So we have New Orleans represented. We've got Houston here. All right. Marcus, Marcus. 280 pounds. You know, two years ago I was 500 pounds. I started walking 20 minutes a day and I -- six months ago I did a full iron manage. Yes, you did. Yeah. Yeah. An ironman, 500ounds now you're doing an iron man. I've never done one. You're one up on me. Congratulations. Astros fan. I'm a Houston boy. My man right hire. We got Justin lacy from Missouri. You lost 290 pounds. A little bit more. Almost close to 300. Close to 300 pounds. You say your mother helped motivate you. How S that. She had a stroke and she -- she really, really maid me realize that health is really important and, you know, they really, really inspired me to make myself better but they're so proud of me and they're eating plant based and losing weight. Getting off medications. It's a beautiful thing. So they've inspired you but you've inspired them all the same. I hope so. Congratulations. Living your best life. Very happy for you. New York is represented. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. How are you? Good. Tim from New York. All right, so how has this club helped you stay motivated and keep the weight off? It's like this huge inspirational club and like every time we check in you think something is impossible and then somebody breaks what you thought was impossible and it just keeps everyone just motivated and it's so amazing. How much have you lost. I lost about 200 but you know I think I can speak for all of us, it's not really what we've lost, it's what we've gained and plant-based lifestyle, you know, it didn't just save my life. It gave me a new one and aim so grateful for that. Grateful for you sharing your story. Last but not least we have Josh turner, the Louisiana boy we saved for last. Josh, you're a few pounds away from 100-pound weight loss so you know what, how does it feel that you're about to reach the milestone. It was never really about the weight. It was more about getting my type one diabetes under control. The weight was just a plus. That's all it is. And really I can't go any more -- I can't lose any more weight. I'm almost underweight now. You're almost underweight now. So, Josh, how does it make you feel, man? Come on. It's amazing. It's just amazing. I mean, I feel somewhat guilty being the person getting some kind of credit, but it's just I wanted to pay it forward. Like I said, and help give inspiration that I have received throughout my skwaurnny. It's just been an amazing thing. Couldn't be more proud of the brothers I gained in this process. And you're right when you say it's not what you've lost, it's what you've gained but we do have a way of illustrating how much you've lost. Come on around. Now, these guys collectively your group has lost about 4,000 pounds, so here we have 4,000 pounds worth of sugar. So pull that cover off. Great job. So this is 4,000 pounds. Sweet tea. Oh, my goodness. A lot of sweet tea and pralines. It's shocking to see, you know, all this sugar but I'm so proud of you guys. You guys are an inspiration to so many watching probably struggling saying what can I do? How can I turn the corner with this group you helped so many. I'm sure you helped so many. It's about community. It's about coming together as a community as they have. Maybe just one more time. Who dat. Who dat, baby. Don't mess with me. My giants aren't doing so well. Super bowl ring buckle. Congratulations to all of

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{"duration":"7:24","description":"The founder of the Missing Chins Run Club, an online group that offers support and tips for men hoping to lose weight, shares his inspirational story live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50724675","title":"How a Facebook fitness group has helped members lose a collective 4,000 pounds","url":"/GMA/video/facebook-fitness-group-helped-members-lose-collective-4000-50724675"}