Fall movie preview 2017: 22 films you should see

Film critic Peter Travers looks at upcoming films and reveals his list of the best.
19:44 | 09/08/17

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Transcript for Fall movie preview 2017: 22 films you should see
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to this special edition of popcorn the fall movie preview I still look forward to this because. When I. And fall is the kind of time where Hollywood says. Will give you your comic book movies but we're also gonna give you stuff. That may actually be good that's just amazing to me. Now there's a 130 movies coming out between. Labor Day and New Year's deep can't go over them I'm going to be talking about what's important for you to watch. You know Labor Day is the beginning but for me the fall kicks off on September 15. With that Daryn Aaron often movie called mother with an exclamation point and it. They've sold much secret. To this about this movie what Jennifer Lawrence is in it and she's married to Javier Bardem. And strangers come Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris and what's gonna happen to them. You know I was told that if I gave away anything people would come in here put a paper bag and had take me away but I'm gonna say this is a horror movie. It's hallucinatory. It is is crazy is anything I've ever seen. And without me saying anything to you prepare. To be blown away when you see it. That's the beginning of fall the and the fall be Hugh Jackman in the great showman where he plays PT Barnum it's a musical. The composers. Of all of La La land and the leader assessed bench pass it and just than Paul have written the music for. This nineteenth century musical. But they've written songs that are all sounding like top forty hits today. Really risky. I'm I'm so again to this so that's what covers it. But what's the key stuff watt is going to break box office records is there even. A moment we have to think of that movie would be called Star Wars the last yet. We're all crazy and that any Star Wars and it comes back and we see Star Wars the force awake it's breaks every box office record. And you remember what happened at the end of forced to wait and we saw ray played by daisy Ridley. She comes in and hands that light Saber she has to Luke Skywalker himself. What's going on with Luke what's gonna happen with them. What's gonna happen with him played by John boy it how is Mark Hamill gonna play Luke Skywalker now you know you're going to be there. There's no movie I'm telling everybody if you think you're gonna beat Star Wars the last yet the box office yet you're not. Now there are many comic book movies that think they can do that. The first of them is just this flee and I know you're groaning though you're saying is in Justice League a continuation. Of bat man v.s Superman that every one song but everyone said. Did not like that I think it was the gloomy yes Ben Affleck is back as Batman may be for the last time. But Superman we may be he's gonna make an appearance we don't know that but guess who's in Justice League and has a big part. Doubt that dot as Wonder Woman and if you've been paying attention to box office you realize. That Wonder Woman has made more money than any other movie in 27 team. And in addition to her are we now have the flash. Played by Ezra Miller and we have lament played by Jason LaMont. So we have. New people and they all sound like they're having fun which nobody had during Batman v.s Superman suggest the sleaze gonna make a lot of coal mine but is it gonna beat. The last jet now. And don't even think for a minute that that can happen. Then the other big comic book thing is for rag in Iraq. For movies are always big but the cost. The real movies that make money bull ring all of these superheroes together. So the war is just not fighting with low key this time he's also got the Hulk showing up. Mark ruffle I was there to play the mild mannered. Version of him and then the giants Hulk. Of all people Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett. Coming in as the goddess of death. So they're just throwing money at this stuff so you'll see it and get a lot for your buck too big deal. The one of these scifi things that I'm most curious about and of course they wouldn't show it to me that is blade runner 2040 sat. Harrison Ford is back as Decker and Ryan Gosling joins him in this movie and we've come into the future to do it I don't know I'm fascinated by that. I really am. But let me talk about what everybody talks about it fall especially in Hollywood which is. Oscar. What could be best picture because we all know that Dunkirk which came out in the summer. Is the movie to be is there anything out there that can possibly give. Dunn Kirk some kind of run for its money. I think cell and the major one that is that is called the papers. This is a movie directed by Steven Spielberg so that's a good start. In its stars Meryl Streep as Kay Graham the publisher of the Washington Post. Tom Hanks as Ben Bradlee the editor of the post says in the early seventies when the Washington Post. Publish the Pentagon papers they said. You know there's been cover ups. 44 presidents and what is not gonna take it anymore we're gonna take what Daniel Ellsberg is found and published it. This is a movie that I think is can enter all the award the consideration because he may have noticed that Donald Trump was the president. And that he deficit actually love arm. The media and what he calls fake news and he's basically trying to sit in the media. Shut up and go somewhere else and high in 1971. This was a time where the Washington Post said. Now we're not hiding we're gonna do our job as journalists to do it this is not fake news. And think about the timeliness. Of what the papers it's about think about how that's going to especially relate to liberal Hollywood that feels. Still completely pushed against the wall. By the trump administration. So watch out for that one. One of the movies that. A really going to hit you on a personal level is last flag flying. This is about three soldiers who were no longer in the war played by Bryan Cranston and Steve Correll and Laurence Fishburne. And basically Steve Correll is trying to get his son who has died in Afghanistan. Are a funeral. And he gets together with these guys he hasn't seen in decades and they decide. To get together and reminisce but also talk about what war meant to them and what new war meant now. It's kind of a spiritual sequel to the last detail. That Jack Nicholson played the Bryan Cranston role. But when you see what these reactors do you know that they're going to be in the Oscar it's tremendously. Another movie that's out there that is going to be talked about by everybody is Alexander pains downsizing. This is a comity with Matt Damon who's going to be everywhere this fall. But in this he and his wife played by Kristen way. Are living in a world where were all squeezed economically and in this future world where that happens we can be downsized meaning. We don't lose our jobs so much as we can be reduced in size to not take up so much space in the world. We can shoes our selves to do this. Another relevant kind of satirical look at the world that we live in now. George Clooney is not just the father of twins. He's directing again in his movie suburban can't. Starring Matt Damon is a movie written by the Coen Brothers that George Clooney has decided to direct but not starving and Matt Damon is in that. As is suburban father who passed the deal with home invasion. He and his son deal with it and then Julian Moore comes in as the aunt and Oscar Isaac comes in as an insurance investigator. And we begin to see what kind of dark masses roiling under there in the suburbs. This is again it's such a big deal but when I'm talking about. Oscars. When I'm talking about who's gonna win and do anything here's the big thing you need to know. Meryl Streep. Who plays the publisher of the Washington Post Kay Graham in the papers and Daniel Day-Lewis. Who is playing a British fashion designer in the 1950s. In a Paul Thomas Anderson be called phantom threat. If they're nominated which how can they not be Daniel Day-Lewis has said that thread you know what's going to be my last movie I am not going to be in movies anymore. If they each are nominated and each win. They break records. Merrill Streep would have her fourth Oscar which ties her with Katharine Hepburn. And why not she's nominated like 2000. It's it's time that she's there with the record breaking. And Daniel Day-Lewis would be having his fourth Oscar nod even tying anybody but just breaking electric record because nobody has ever done us. This is almost irresistible for academy members that don't often have the time to watch movies so they you to give their housekeeper their ballot to pillage and in that case you see the name apparel street Daniel Davis I might vote for them just for the hell of it because we know did the best that we they really are both terrific. I'm gonna shock you with one thing because I'm going to say that you know I think it'd be nominated for an Oscar this year Adam Sandler okay. I know people are ready now to come in and take me away what is wrong with the you can not possibly be things. I am saying if he's in a movie called the Mira with stories where he's the son of Dustin Hoffman. As is Ben Stiller and he's the son nobody paid attention to it. And he is an incredible. In this movie done that once or twice before specially and punched her uncle. But you know when this guy isn't being the clown he is a terrific actor and this is one that proves it. There are many other kind of individual things that I should point that that are happening Jackie Chan don't we all of them and he's just the best. 63 years old. And he. Is coming back in a dramatic role in a movie called the far. Not trying to hide his age not trying to hide the fact that he can't quite move the way once did. But you watch him and root for him will like he can't believe when you see the far and Aaron Pierce Brosnan is his costar. He basically is avenging the death that his daughter by terrorists in Ireland. And he goes there where he's called the foreigner because the man can doesn't look like everybody else in Belfast. It is a two rip fate dramatic performance where so much of it is in the eyes but also to see him in. B action sequences again is just that kind of pleasure that you can't. This regard so put that on your list to. You know we we also talk about fall we always want to talk about animated movies they'd been disappointing. Earlier in the year certainly be a mode you movie it doesn't have the kind of reviews that's gonna win and an Oscar. But Pixar is out there again with the movie called Coco. Sick in the land of the dead. And it has Latino cast. He is looking at the world from a different perspective showing us something. With those geniuses at Pixar. Doing it so again you have to mark that down. As I looked at the list that I have on seen soul much good stuff. You know we saw what was happening with some of the last weeks of summer would just. We were just seeing things in thing I'd rather stay home some of us even decided to read a book. But not this time there is just so much that. It just gets her interest and I'm looking out my list here of people who could compete. With Meryl Streep and Daniel Day-Lewis for that Oscar you know last year was the year where there was so much criticism of Oscar so white. And we did something with that but I do not see a lot of African Americans appearing. In fall movies which is disturbing in a wet what was that whole thing that happened. But our old buddy here at popcorn Denzel Washington has a movie called Roman. Is real Esquire in which he plays kind of a mob lawyer figure. Lot of us figured that Denzel was sort of cheated that Oscar that he might have won last year for fences. And it's good to have him out there are directed by Dan Gilroy the guy who didn't got the best performance. That Jake Gyllenhaal has ever delivered in a movie called night crawler. And to see them do it and another figure very strange. That we wouldn't figure for acting mayor. And she's in a movie out called mud down playing and a World War II before and after movie as a Mississippi delta mother. A knocked out by what she did it's just incredible to see what she's accomplished in that movie. And look I can go down a list of people that are just giving that Gary Oldman. In the darkest hour is playing Winston church and acting here you all saying. He is well didn't we just he. Brian Cox for the church you did and didn't John Lithgow just play Churchill. In the crown and that miniseries that was so good so. Call them all dancing church shows if you want. But this particular performance that Gary Oldman is giving is something that. Nobody can disregard with Gary Oldman for Pete's sake he got to pay attention to him. And there's one movie that. A lot of people are saying why would I see this it's called the current wars. And you know and it's about how people it's about Thomas Anderson and George Westinghouse. Fighting over who basically invented the light bulb and current and whether you should use AC or DC sounds like the dullest thing. You could ever imagine in a movie and instead. It's fastening. It becomes something that you sit there as if you're watching a thrill are watching these two guys go at it. Benedict cover batch of course this man can not anything but geniuses I wanna see him cast and something where. He's just not the quickest guy on the block. But boy can he do it he's playing Thomas Anderson as Sherlock Holmes of course. But that tougher meters bearded person and his assistant is played by Tom Holland you know our new Spider-Man so. Look at that that kind. All right. Women Kate Winslet. Isn't cool movie she wasn't satisfied with just one. She's in a movie co starring with Idris Elba and me in the movie called mountain between us where they're both in a plane crash and there. Strangers who were separated and guests watched. Maybe. Something happened between how could it not. But the Winslet performance that you should expect to see nominated is in a Woody Allen movie called wonder real. The set in the 1950s on Coney Island that woody almost grew up right there doing it. And this is not a light comedy this is in the blue jasmine vote that things and take went up Arnie has one Oscar so she should be c'mon. Don't we realize how really really great she is. And talked about person only has one Oscar Frances McDormand. Is in a movie with the title. I don't know how anybody's gonna say to their friend let's go out and see Frances McDormand in three billboards. Outside. Wisconsin. In some. It just goes on for ever the title it's just nobody will know it except she plays a mother of a daughter who has been murdered. And she's not getting any police action. So she decides to take three billboard to rent them and completely used them to criticize the police in action for that. Each time you can just see that and go. I need to see here Jessica chest thing. Oh my god. You know always great but now she's in a movie the first movie directed as well as written by Aaron Sorkin. Called Molly's game where she's playing the woman who's like the poker champion of the world and runs he's poker games that are happening. This is its home many people doing so much but. When I have to stop and I have to say this there is a little movie out there. It's the kind of movie that may be think I never heard anything about it. But I think with all the movies like this Spielberg in the paper as war basically Dunkirk coming out in the summer. Kathryn Bigelow as Detroit. Remember this name it is call home call me buying your name is listed in north and Italy in the seven days its stores army hammer. And it stars a new actor who I'm gonna go out on the limb and to say this guy. Timothy H Allen and is he saw him may be on homeland before. This is a performance that makes him the newcomer of the year it just weeks full hopes. Through the fall. These are young guys who are in Italy at this time one of them army hammer characters engaged to a woman somewhere else but they've fallen mullah. Look at what regime of the director of it he finds what it really is he finds what romances. He finds wisdom. In what is happening this isn't an issue movie. A lot of people have said to me well moonlight won the Oscar as best picture and that was about a gay love story. This isn't quite something you could limit that way but it is explosive. Lean ravishing Leigh good. The acting is incredible. And remember that if there's one of these things you should put down and say honesty yes because that guy from popcorn said see it. Make it call me by your name so we give me. There's more I could go on forever and do this but in a fall that will be dominated by Star Wars of the last yet. Remember these other movies that seem smaller but are actually gonna have a huge emotional impact on. And get ready for fall because we needed good movies we needed them and I hope the people that made them in there in them. We'll have his guest on popcorn so.

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