Family carrying terminally ill baby to term speaks out

Royce and Kerri Young open up about carrying their terminally ill daughter to full term so that her organs can be donated.
4:08 | 03/15/17

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Transcript for Family carrying terminally ill baby to term speaks out
We have been looking forward to sharing this with you. It's an incredible story of bravery. This came to us through our partner, our friends at ESPN after a Facebook post that you may have seen. It was shared all around the world about a couple's marriage and a very difficult choice when it came to their precious baby girl. ESPN writer Royce young and his wife revealing their heartbreaking decision to try and save lives through organ donations and you had a chance to sit down with this couple. Yeah, and they said they are trying to figure out -- they had to figure out short-term pain versus long-material regret. For them their short-term pain is going through a pregnancy and knowing they're going to go to the hospital for delivery but go home without a baby. The long-term regret is possibly missing out on a chance to save countless lives through organ donation. Keri young and Royce must do the unthinkable. Get ready for the birth and death of their baby girl. You can make plans and prepare yourself but like once we kiss her and say good-bye she's gone. Like that's -- it is final. Reporter: In December they walked into their 19-week ultrasound excited to learn whether they were having a boy or girl, brother or sister for their two-year-old son Harrison. She opened the door and she said room sorry to say your baby doesn't have a brain. Your thoughts went to what. The first 48 hours were very dark and very heavy and very testing, I guess, in a way. You know, in my mind the moment I found out that she was terminal she was already dead and that was hard for me to like kind of come to that under standing. She doesn't have a brain so is she even a person? Their baby suffers from a condition known as anenselcephaly. Their daughter is growing, developing, kicking but without that significant portion of the brain she won't survive long after delivery. Ultimately they indicted to carry to full term to donate her organs. There was a freedom if that and that's we started to feel happiness. For as long as she lives, 24 hour, 48 hours. We're her mommy and daddy. Did you consider terminating. Absolutely. You can be the most pro-life person in the world but until you sit there and you hear those words and you look at your future going forward, that's when you got to face the reality and make your own decision. What are doctors telling you all? What are they telling you for how long you will get to be a mommy and daddy, how much time possibly. I mean it could be anywhere from five minutes to 36 hours. We have no idea. Her life will potentially save dozens which made naming their girl. Eva means giver of life. There is another family out there hoping their baby will get a kidney knowing full well that that means that somebody else is going to have to go through heartbreak. They're praying for a miracle themselves. Eva can be that miracle and do more in her 24 hours than maybe we'll ever do in our lives and to be able to remember our daughter in that way is pretty powerful. They are just the couple of months away from delivery. They have the date picked out. They'll do it in may. Go in, have a c-section and have very close friends and family there, but as soon as that baby is born a clock is ticking and they don't know how much time is on it. It could literally be five minutes only that they get that little girl. I've read his post after and over again as many of us did and he was in New Orleans for the NBA all-star game and said a friend of ours here on this program, jarious waiting for a liver transplant that in part he was thinking that's the reason why he wanted to write this. Because jarrius as we know, he was wearing a t-shirt that said it takes lives to save lives and the point there being that somebody has to go through heartache in order for somebody else to have their miracle. Their child has to die in order for another child to live and he said that really, really resonated with him and he just sat there and wanted to write this about his wife. He said she discovered her superpower. She's a superhero and watching her go through it. You feel the kicks and you're going through the whole pregnancy but don't get the baby at the end. I was looking at a lot of faces here in the studio as we were watching this piece and just they're -- they're an amazing couple. Incredible. Thank you for sharing that with us.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Royce and Kerri Young open up about carrying their terminally ill daughter to full term so that her organs can be donated. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46135472","title":"Family carrying terminally ill baby to term speaks out ","url":"/GMA/video/family-carrying-terminally-ill-baby-term-speaks-46135472"}