Family of Couple Killed in Fire Planning to Sue Prosecutors

The family claims John and Joyce Sheridan were killed in a double murder, not a murder-suicide, as investigators believe.
3:14 | 04/03/15

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Transcript for Family of Couple Killed in Fire Planning to Sue Prosecutors
But first an ABC news exclusive on the mysterious death of a politically connected couple from New Jersey. Killed when their home burned down. Authorities believe they solved the crime calling it a murder/suicide but the family is not buying it. Paula Faris here with that. The family is trying to clear John and Joyce Sheridan's name and will be filing a lawsuit to do so. They are claiming there was a lack of evidence including no motive and a missing murder weapon and this morning, they believe a killer is still on the loose. I believe my neighbor's house may be the beginnings of a fire. Reporter: A burning home in an upscale New Jersey neighborhood. A prominent political couple discovered dead inside. We need a second recovery team. Reporter: The deaths of John and Joyce Sheridan seemed a mystery until now. Investigators just declaring it a murder/suicide. A husband now accused of fatally attacking his wife before setting their master bedroom on fire. They assumed it was a murder/suicide the second they walked on the scene. Reporter: In an ABC news exclusive the Sheridan family is fighting back pointing out what they call gaping hole in the prosecutor's report, ones that point to a brutal double murderer and killer still at large. The community should be scared. The prosecutor had no idea what happened at that crime scene and he was out telling the public they were safe. Reporter: The prosecutor's report concludes the 72-year-old former political figure and hospital CEO used a kitchen knife to fatally stab his wife and then used an unknown weapon to injure himself while also pouring gasoline on the floor and setting the fire that ultimately killed him. Investigators say autopsies, interviews and even DNA evidence all point to one conclusion, murder/suicide. The prosecutor indicted and convicted my brother of murder when there wasn't a trial. Reporter: The family releasing a list of unanswered questions, too many, they say, for the case to be closed. Why were there no scratch marks on John Sheridan when DNA from an unknown source was found under the fingernails of Joyce? What was the motive? John Sheridan had been sending work e-mails just hours before the killings. Even planning a meeting for the next day and the couple facetimed with their grandson that night. No signs of unrest. Where is the weapon used to stab John Sheridan? Police never recovered it. And the DNA on the knife used to kill Joyce. The DNA evidence in this case is extremely speculative. Reporter: Now the family is planning to sue the prosecutor and other officials not for money but to clear John Sheridan's name. We're not going to allow the prosecutor's office to destroy my father's legacy, my mother's legacy. Reporter: And the prosecutor's office tells ABC news, "In light of the repeated tapes by members of the Sheridan family, that litigation is imminent. Further comment not appropriate at this time." The family is planning to file that any day but want to clear their parents' names and just remember, they want everyone to remember they were a devoted couple married 47 years. Devoted to their family, friends and community. Seems like there are a lot of questions out there. Thank you, Paula. Want to turn to an

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The family claims John and Joyce Sheridan were killed in a double murder, not a murder-suicide, as investigators believe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30080307","title":"Family of Couple Killed in Fire Planning to Sue Prosecutors","url":"/GMA/video/family-couple-killed-fire-planning-sue-prosecutors-30080307"}