Family Finds 10-Foot Python in Their Home

Rachel Leek and her son, 10, feared their Ontario home was haunted until they discovered the huge snake.
2:03 | 08/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Family Finds 10-Foot Python in Their Home
You know, it was a pretty scary surprise. A slithering python was sneaky moving from room to room of a home and keeping a frightened family on edge. For weeks this family feared something supernatural was hawping their home. Heard objects that would move here and there. Things were falling over. A lamp, for example. And my wife and I, we just -- it was a ghost of some sort. Reporter: But the nefarious noisemaker rattling around for days on end knocking over wine glasses and decorations in their Canadian home was no ghost. Instead, it was this ten-foot-long re tick lated python, enough to make Indiana Jones himself slither away in fear. Why did it have to be snakes? I was creeped out by it. Reporter: Rachel Leck and her 10-year-old son Xavier finally spotting the uninvited guest near the sofa. The snake was here and I saw it because it was dangling down when I was about to sit down on the couch. I jumped up, grabbed my kid and ran out of the house. Ran out of house screaming. Reporter: Police and animal control officers coming to the rescue. Holy cow. Reporter: Removing the reptile. The re tick lated python is the longest snake in the world growing up to 30 feet and 300 pounds. Rather unhappy, rather ornery snake to deal with, but we were able to safely get it out of there. Reporter: As for the family who was already in the process of packing, moving day can't come soon enough. Well, police tracked down the owner of the python who happened to live near the family's home. They found a second snake, this time an anaconda. Oh, my. And he was fined $100, that's it because owning an exotic animal is illegal they were taken to a local zoo. I think we need to get Sara a bag because you're hyper vent latin. I would rather have a ghost. Why the guy didn't report the missing python, he's not supposed to have it. Don't mind the anaconda. All right. Thank you so much, Brandi. Coming up, this is happy.

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{"id":25141970,"title":"Family Finds 10-Foot Python in Their Home ","duration":"2:03","description":"Rachel Leek and her son, 10, feared their Ontario home was haunted until they discovered the huge snake.","url":"/GMA/video/family-finds-10-foot-python-home-25141970","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}