Family hopes Indiana murder mystery could solve Iowa cold case

Drew Collins, whose 8-year-old daughter and 10-year-old niece disappeared in 2012 in Iowa, said similarities with the unsolved killings of two Indiana teenagers struck him as "really odd."
5:50 | 03/09/17

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Transcript for Family hopes Indiana murder mystery could solve Iowa cold case
We turn to the latest on that Indiana murder mystery where two young girls were kill oa hike. E ofhe grandfather hding his first press conference as investigators look at possible ties to a similar cold case and, Amy, Y have more in there ot a known link beten the 2012 cold case involving two Iowa cousins who were also found murdered in a rural area. But ivveigors inoth ces say they are comparing notesnd some of the details are strikingly similar.aa it's been 2t days since the bodies of 13-year-old Abigail Williams and 14-year-old liberty germanere fou alovg this wood trail in delphi, Indiana. The killer still at large. A photo and a voice. Ownhe hill. Down the hill. Reporter: Along with this snchat picture found on libey German's !one, some of the only clues T theme. As poor as this picture is, somebody knows. And if you're watching, wll find you. Reporter: But this morning a father just a few hundred miles ay hopjng the delphi mder case could possibly lead to a break in his own daughter's and nieee's action a murder. Everything started coming back to me. Reporter: On July 134 2012, elizabethollins and her cousin lyric cook went for an afternoon bike D never return. Now the latest on the search for those two missing girls in Iowa. Reporter: Elizabeth's father poinng wut the eerie similarities between the murders. Both sets of girls seemingly taken in secluded area, their bodies found in wooded terrain and both crimes committed on the 13th of the month. Two kids at once is very uncommon thing to have happen. Two kids being taken at once and atso just being on the 13th of the month. Just kind of struck me as really odd. All the things together. Reporter: Authorities hunting Abigail and liberty's killers saying they have compared notes with investigators in Iowa. At this point we're not comfortable saying, yes there is a connection or no, there's not. We don't have enough information. On the surface these cases have similarities. Have you underage kids on trails remote AAS of two different states killed during daylight hours. But once you get beyond that the cases really aren't similar at least based on what we know. Reporter: As pink ribbons dot the tiny town in Iowa for Elizabeth and lyric five years O so do Orange lights glow today for liberty and Abby. They're caious aboutaking any link but for the her of Elizabeth Collins, he is still holding out hope five years later that he might get some answers, George. Okay, Amy, thanms very much. Let's talk to Dan Abrams and Callahan Walsh, child advocate with the national center of missing and exploited children and, Callahan, let me begin with you. This is fairly rare, isn't it? Absolutely. You know, we do see this at the national center where two kids will go missing at the same time but it's usually siblings that go missing and usually with a N noncustodial or parental abduction. The fact these two were unrelated and this was a N nonfamily abduction, it+s definitely a rare case for the fat center. And, Dan, no evidence of any kind of link but what will investigators try to do to see if there's any connection? Typically in a case like this what you want to do is see first of all is there any connection between these families? Meaning, was there anyone who worked for either of the parent, even temporarily. You're looking for something that can somehow serve as a thread between these two. Is there any physical evidence obviously would be the first question. It seems that's not the case the I think we'd know about that if there was any connection in regard to physical evidence but looking for relationships. The problem is if this were a cry of opportunity and a stranger then it makes it even harder to try to link them up. Do you agree with Brad beneath the surface there aren't many similaritiebetween the two. So far that we know of, but, again, I think it is smart for them to look into possible conntions because these kinds of things are S rare. And, Callahan, what is the nature of thisri in Indiana? You know, some people said it could have been just a crime of opportunity te you about the perpetrator. Absolutely but it's interesting to note that there's two victims in this case ands that puts the perpetrator in a high risk situation. His boldness and the fact that he's going after two victims shows a level of control that may indicate he's done something like this in the past. And I like the fact that the grandfather is coming out now. Why? Because people involved in the old case, right, the Indiana case is all over the news right now. If anybody knows about it, come forward. What about someone that missed something in the Iowa case and weren't watching as closely or since then they've heard someone make a comment about two girls in Iowa, et cetera. That's the sort of thing that could be really -- You think five years later it still could be solved. Oh, yeah, I think what you're doing is you're now going to get more people. It's what Callahan's organization does, which is try to publicize these kinds of events to say, hey, America, please help. If you know anything and I think in connection with the Iowa case in particular, the newfound publicity could lead someone to come forward and say I don't know anything about this Indiana case but I'll tell you, huh, I didn't realize that happened in Iowa and I'll tell you what a friend of a friend told me he heard. And, Callahan, you know, as you said these are rare cases, but is there anything that parents can learn from them? Absolutely. You know, parents can use this as a teachable moment. I think it's a shining example that child safety education is still important. You know, there's great perhaps like the kidsmart programs and store digital I.D. In your phone and these things are rare. They don't happen as often but they are still happening in this day and age. Okay, Callahan, Dan, thanks

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Drew Collins, whose 8-year-old daughter and 10-year-old niece disappeared in 2012 in Iowa, said similarities with the unsolved killings of two Indiana teenagers struck him as \"really odd.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46013267","title":"Family hopes Indiana murder mystery could solve Iowa cold case","url":"/GMA/video/family-hopes-indiana-murder-mystery-solve-iowa-cold-46013267"}