3 Tips for Surviving a Family Road Trip

Bringing grandparents, your dog or even old-school car games can help keep things cool on the road.
2:00 | 04/23/13

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Transcript for 3 Tips for Surviving a Family Road Trip
And lots of families out there are starting to plan for the vacation. So, becky worley has three of the newest trends in double travel that follows those DOUBLE-Rs, REST AND RELAXATION. And it's possible with the kids along. We'll see how she does it with her twins. Reporter: You plan. You pack. But what about the fun? To get started, unplug. You'll see a family at the table. And every member of the family has their nose, you know, on the screen of their digital device. Reporter: First tip, before you go, make a contract. We're not going to have ipods. We're not going to have movies. I'm not going to check my e-mail all day. On the upside, it's fun to go old-school. Road trip bingo. Hoping this keeps them busy for at least an hour? Ben circled things he didn't Reporter: Ben, did you circle things you didn't see? You monkey. Next, take everyone along for the ride. Multigenerational vacations are very 2013. Grandparents have a lot more patience with children than parents do. Reporter: Also, consider taking the four-legged members of your family. With more restaurants and hotels accepting canines, it can make your journey a lot of fun. Finally, take things slow. Can anyone say slowcation. Schedule less. Be spontaneous. When you see something cool, pull over. Today's highly-scheduled kids will remember their parents just winging it. As you head out for your summer adventures, unplug, underschedule and enjoy the whole family. Woo. We made it. I can't promise a trip free from missteps. But these are steps in the right direction. Have a happy vacation. For "good morning america," I'm becky worley, abc news, stinson beach, california.

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{"id":19022000,"title":"3 Tips for Surviving a Family Road Trip","duration":"2:00","description":"Bringing grandparents, your dog or even old-school car games can help keep things cool on the road.","url":"/GMA/video/family-road-trip-survival-tips-grandparents-pets-bingo-19022000","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}