Famous TV Homes Heat Up the Real Estate Market

Now is your chance to own a home from a classic TV series.
1:54 | 09/11/14

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Transcript for Famous TV Homes Heat Up the Real Estate Market
The house that ozzie Harriet once called home is on the market with things going on there. ABC's David Wright got a tour. ? Reporter: Ozzy aie and Harriet Nelson, their classic hern home in the Hollywood his now for sale. It was gracious even in its day. My, you certainly have a lovely home. Oh, thanks. Reporter: But, oh, how the times have changed. Wow. Quite the house. Now there's a state-of-the-art entertainment system, a master bath you could get lost in. This is bigger than my bedroom and in the kitchen no more 1950s appliances, everything strictly gourmet. The asking price on the house is 4,995,000. 5 million bucks. Reporter: The nelsons aren't alone. Prices in "The honeymooners'" Brooklyn neighborhood are skyrocketing. An apartment in Ralph kramden's apartment on the sale for $810,000. Cut out the high living. Reporter: Even "The Brady bunch" might have to scale down. Their old house recently valued at 1.4 million. Reporter: There are pop culture bargains. The "Home alone" house recently sold for a million dollars below asking price, same for the ultramodern house of ferris bueller's friend. One TV family may be able to keep up. The dunphys of "Modern family." Their TV home recently sold above 2 million. Bring it. Reporter: Heck, Phil Dunphy might be and able to afford the old ozzie and Harriet house, after all, he is in real estate. David Wright, ABC news, Hollywood.

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{"id":25426627,"title":"Famous TV Homes Heat Up the Real Estate Market","duration":"1:54","description":"Now is your chance to own a home from a classic TV series.","url":"/GMA/video/famous-tv-homes-heat-real-estate-market-25426627","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}