Fashion Makeover for Young Career Women

Rachel Smith helps two women go from entry-level to executive-suite fashion.
4:48 | 03/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fashion Makeover for Young Career Women
here's a look at how we did it. Powerhouse pr firm I'm here to ambush alex. You are being ambushed. 30-year-old alex barnett after working in afghanistan for the past two years made the move from her fashionably conservative hometown of washington, d.C. To trendy new york earlier this month. I would like to see some heels maybe. Yep, yep and some color. Reporter: Now we're going after kiki. Kiki, you're being ambushed. Hi. She's like, what? Crazy woman. Kiki is graduating college in a few months so we're helping her make the transition from campus cutie to professional working girl. She's got the resume, she's got the personality. Now she needs the look. Reporter: With both girls in tow, first stop, marshalls. You guys think about can I wear it with sandals, can I wear it with flats, how do I change it up with accessories. Oh, my gosh. This is just like kissing spring. Oh, whoa. Okay. Turn around. Check yourselves out. We're like proud. Reporter: Outfits, check. Now it's time to bring in the "gma" glam squad. Robin's team, elena juanita and andrea and greg and judith and carol. Alex, you're with that glam squad. Kiki, you're with rob's. Ready to get to work? Let's go. ♪ ready now? Down here. All right. Now we're joined by marshalls' style expert alison and representatives from robin and lara's glam teams, elena and greg -- we'll get to you in just a second. First let's take a look at our first lady. What were we looking for when we did these looks? We really wanted to create head to toe fabulous looks that just showed them really making an impact and also be on trend with all the spring trends. before or after. This is alex before. Okay. Now alex, let's see you come on out after. Oh, my goodness. Wow! She looks fantastic. Isn't she? I mean, this is all out head to toe top designer brands available at marshalls. Gorgeous. She just moved to new york city so she's -- I love the skinny pants. Gorgeous. Big impact of a pop of color with a jacket. Embellishment that you can wear during the day now. You can wear a little sequin action and just wanted to show, hey, well come to new york city. Everyone get to know me. You can wear it to the office and head out at night in those fabulous heels. Andrea, greg, you did her makeover. What did you do with her. For her hair we gave her bangs and a lot of layers which reduce the volume. A balancing act with her and carol gave her a lot of more highlights while maintaining her natural color using her sponge kit highlight technique an angela gave her a face chart. Do you love your look. I love it. You look fantastic. Our next fashion victim as you call here even though I don't think she is. Kiki before. We'll take a look at her before and now let's check out kiki's brand-new look. Come on out, kiki. Whoo! Wow! Now, she looks fantastic. Right. Now, kiki is still a college student so we wanted to make her career ready and give her a look that really lands the job when she gets the interview and we had so much fun yesterday. I was showing her, you know, you don't have to pay full price to get top designer brands and she loves it. It's so flattering on her. The hurt is beautiful. The yellow purse. And mixing prints and patterns. All right and elena and juanita, what did you do? We lowered her hair color and juanita added some soft highlights with clip-ons so she can take it on and off. Gorgeous. Put earthy tones on her, highlighted her eyebrows, brought them up a added brightness to her lips. She looks beautiful. How do you feel, kiki? I feel great. I'm ready for that interview, nailing the job. I'm ready to go. Ladies, congratulation. You both look gorgeous. You looked beautiful before but I have to say do you feel great in those clothes. I feel great. Thanks so much, glam squad. Thanks so much. All right.

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{"id":18839191,"title":"Fashion Makeover for Young Career Women","duration":"4:48","description":"Rachel Smith helps two women go from entry-level to executive-suite fashion.","url":"/GMA/video/fashion-makeover-young-career-women-18839191","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}