'Fast Diet' Recipes That Keep Calories to Minimum

Dr. Michael Mosley prepares low-calorie meals that don't skimp on taste.
3:01 | 07/09/13

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Transcript for 'Fast Diet' Recipes That Keep Calories to Minimum
The man who came up with the popular fad diet. It lets you limit your calories two days a week. And 1 500 calories for women, and 600 calories for men on those two days. Absolutely right. Now, you've come out with a new book, a collection of low-calorie recipes that lets us know what we can eat on those two days to make it simpler. Talk me through for an idea for day one. Let's talk about it. Not yet. Breakfast. That's where we start. It looked good. Break fast that is low-calorie yogurt. So good for you. Low sugar and low foot. Add some almonds. That will add about 80 calories. The grams is about 260 calories. Okay. Not bad. Talking about this as a serving. You have to train yourself to me that's your breakfast. This looks like a lot. Actually, that is about the same. About 264 calories. What do you do with the meatballs to make that -- it smells good. It is turkey or pork. You can have lots of vegetables. The tomatoes, nutritional rich. You can have as much of that as you want. Anything, that is clean on the plate. Absolutely. That's the meal day one. And you can see a grand total of 528 calories. Not bad at all. Another example of a day you could do, that would be your breakfast. Exactly. The oatmeal full of fiber. Loots of good things to reduce your cholesterol. When you're thinking of oatmeal, is there a kind? I would go for something with lots of fiber in it. Fiber keeps you full. And after this? I had a little -- that's fit for summer. That is gorgeous. What happens is the lime adds flavor. But it's going to extract the iron from the vegetables. You get better absorption of your vitamins. That's an excellent thing. Olive oil? Let's -- okay. 143. Let's do both of these together? This is lynch and dinner. That gives a bit of crunch. This one is salmon. That looks fantastic. That's 250 calories. Pick up the book. It's in stores right now. You can find more recipes on our website, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! We have ciara. Thanks to the dak.

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{"id":19615604,"title":"'Fast Diet' Recipes That Keep Calories to Minimum","duration":"3:01","description":"Dr. Michael Mosley prepares low-calorie meals that don't skimp on taste.","url":"/GMA/video/fast-diet-recipes-calories-minimum-19615604","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}