Highest Calorie Fast-Foods in America

Some restaurants offer dishes that come close to offering the daily recommended calorie intake.
2:53 | 06/28/13

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Transcript for Highest Calorie Fast-Foods in America
We're going to chew up "the heat index" next. Eye-opening news for fast food fans. 2,000 calories is the recommended daily amount for adults. But some fast food chains are serving close to that in just one dish. Linzie janis has the fast food meal that may put you over your limit. Reporter: Roll into the drive-through and the meal you order may have more horsepower than the family minivan. According to the website, marketwatch, some of the highest calorie meals are on the menu of our favorite fast food restaurants. And they could push you over the daily limit of calories. This 20-count bag of white castle chicken wings has more than 1,700 calories. That put this dish at the top of the list. When we called white castle, they told us the rings are intended to be shares. Never as an individual portion. If your morning portion is burger king's ultimate breakfast platter, that's 1,440 calories. Triple patty with cheese from wendy's, 1,120. Even panera bread has a stake sandwich that will rack up 980 calories. Panera says it's worth every one of them. Burger king and wendy's didn't return our calls. And it's not just food. Some drinks are loaded with calories, too. A dunkin' donuts large frozen coolalta has 730 of them. But some nutritionists say, steer clear of these high-calorie splurges. Ytting a high amount of calories for a low amount of nutrition. And they're low in nutrients and will steal nutrients from your body when you digest them. And the third reason, they're inflammatory. They're causing fires in your body. We know inflammation can be a leading reason for chronic diseases. Reporter: If you're thinking you can just exercise away the extra calories, think again. To burn 1,000 calories, I have to run about 10 miles. For "good morning america," I'm linzie janis, in chicago. Linzie, thank you. For that. We're taking a look. The chicken rings alone on our plate, that's 2,000 calories or almost. These are 1,000. They make a point to say this is one serving. They expect three or four people are sharing one serving of said rings. Amy already told me she will not share hers with me. No. I'm not a sharer. This is 800 calories right here. That's the coolata. 800 calories. We're calorically taken care of here for the next week or so. Sammy, I know it's steamy in

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{"id":19519040,"title":"Highest Calorie Fast-Foods in America","duration":"2:53","description":"Some restaurants offer dishes that come close to offering the daily recommended calorie intake.","url":"/GMA/video/fast-food-highest-calorie-foods-white-castle-wendys-19519040","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}