Restored Cars Rake in Big Bucks at Auction

Reality series "Fast N' Loud" fixes up old vehicles and resells them to the highest bidder.
2:24 | 03/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Restored Cars Rake in Big Bucks at Auction
What would you name -- show that featured hot -- -- -- -- And the guys -- percent to. Quite fast -- -- coolers it's the hit series on the Discovery Channel -- dollars native Texans Richard Rawlings -- Aaron Kaufman. And I can't -- do those searches high and low for beat up classic hearts to resort -- -- for profit didn't 500 -- a little strong. It's hard work that these good old boys and often know how -- -- -- girls I have punch -- so I went to Dallas to meet that Iraqis do you realize that this is not mean we can't get into a big day. A world record holder cannonball run. In 1958 -- bad and I have read reading here I'll love you are reading -- -- how hard is it to keep the drive at their -- in the midst of production. It's controlled chaos and use the -- control very loosely hits since bringing us. But -- was -- partner in crime area. Where else are declared. The vast amount -- crew filming his. Everybody. -- -- the technical things the -- here is why does well every Garcia cannot have an idea no matter how judge here older new or oral Miller an expensive we do just about everything better than we do trying to at a place. Casey's our resident -- -- expert he's. Next I went to see if I had -- in England and the bullet. Then it was my tech -- are you. -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- I'm here excellent finally let the guys go back to do -- they do best making tires go faster -- -- After all these boys have been cited tests and treatment of people John. In the gas monkey -- The what a fantastic. Day -- so much from that talented group from. -- that's of course it's changing my very first in very last that I. I'm yet to be about thirty minutes or -- it's. Weren't about an outlet NSA -- is thank goodness for roadside assistance and they answered yes -- -- I love this guy profane tirade at a that's a great day.

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{"id":18830150,"title":"Restored Cars Rake in Big Bucks at Auction ","duration":"2:24","description":"Reality series \"Fast N' Loud\" fixes up old vehicles and resells them to the highest bidder. ","url":"/GMA/video/fast-loud-garage-restores-beat-classic-cars-sells-18830150","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}