'Hollywood's Favorite Burger' Comes to NYC

Josh and Lara talk to Fatburger CEO Andy Wiederhorn about the new location and Walmart partnership.
2:53 | 06/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Hollywood's Favorite Burger' Comes to NYC
We are horn is opening a brand of fat -- and it's not saying I mean it's coming come on -- -- -- -- -- didn't get it. Mike if you would argue -- -- right thank you really okay. Still -- risks -- a commercial -- and. My parents don't sit there -- this is on the -- -- -- East Coast. This is the first New York City -- you -- right. Hollywood's favorite -- to your younger -- would -- join. I remember when -- moved out Thailand's like fat -- reminding me become your hand me but you know it has one that you brought -- -- look -- you're really this is the -- xxx challenge is that how you. Heard it right. Wow I'll have a budget prepared you'll get him personally don't. Oh yeah you get the -- know you gotta look. I think they're very stressed because there's nothing neat and easy about this murder -- -- -- -- society right what -- fat -- different. So these are burgers are made cooked to order right in front of you have -- fresh -- it's right there he had all the toppings -- the different things you -- -- to chili cheese anything you want it's your heart desire in a -- this is the latest. To open up. I saw them in LA gathering New York City are happening across country all right sue sewer 150 -- around the world -- -- these other countries and 75 in the US. -- -- also amazingly enough we partner with -- to serve. Rosie fat burger patties by a woman to cross country. Right now so if there's not a fabric and you're there you go home if you get a look at -- on the back burner and we're gonna make our own fat -- how to mean really how we do it at first I didn't instructions with how to cook it put the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hosted an avid -- in Seattle -- you know it's -- it's available everywhere. But yes of course -- face your I say -- -- this. Now -- I'm noticing that there's a lot of variety on the is like you can choose your Bundy did you -- all that -- -- sick kids -- heaters and things like a veggie -- it was all kinds of choices and of course that looks excellent. Today he -- which got me about that. C a strawberry shake a diminishing by Oreo cookie shaped right chocolate of course. And -- -- hand -- to realize screen in just a few calories. Yeah let's just -- you like. Just to view and thousands and didn't hear any of our all right -- -- -- -- his -- we won't we won't -- -- you don't want to thank you -- you come up with concepts of -- -- -- six -- -- started in Los Angeles. And I've run the company for the last ten years we've -- all over the world. And -- you worry about connotation of the word fat but it does often have a negative -- Williams started in this sixty not a big cities where -- was big fat juicy there was backed -- -- city and that's what it meant about -- so -- -- Lewis who call themselves stoppers you don't need -- it's a big yeah. -- it's about me it means just like robots are sure in every way ads and -- and Spanish -- learning that her. I -- we want to thank you somebody's -- -- not yeah. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19373432,"title":"'Hollywood's Favorite Burger' Comes to NYC","duration":"2:53","description":"Josh and Lara talk to Fatburger CEO Andy Wiederhorn about the new location and Walmart partnership.","url":"/GMA/video/fatburger-sell-frozen-patties-walmart-hollywoods-favorite-burger-19373432","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}