Three Dads Surprised by Kids' Father's Day Message

"GMA" brought three very different dads together for a very special surprise.
4:57 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for Three Dads Surprised by Kids' Father's Day Message
Father's day is Sunday. And we're celebrating dads all week long here on "Gma." This morning, the hopes and challenges of three committed fathers. Surprised they didn't see coming. Take a look. Three dads, three very different stories. But sharing some of the same dreams and worries all dads face. Major Loretto is months overseas. He first game a dad at 17. Humbling to be a father at that age. Reporter: Chris grew up without a father in his life. When his daughter came along, he decided to put his teaching career on pause. You chose to stay home. I have. Reporter: Is it what you expected? It's gone beyond what I expected. Reporter: Joshua has a career as a pediatric orthopedist. You're a doctor. The son of a doctor. Do you care if any one of your kids is a doctor? It ooh es not so much that I want them to do what I do. I want them to be as happy as I am doing it. Reporter: We brought these dads together for a very special surprise. First, an honest talk about the ups and downs of fatherhood. One thing that keeps us strong is our faith. Reporter: That's the glue for you? The glue is the faith. Reporter: What is the most important thing you want to teach your daughter? I want her to be compassionate. I want her to be thoughtful and respectful. Reporter: So, when you think hard about it, where do you fall short? At times my emotions, another way of saying anger, can get the better of me. Reporter: We've all been there, right? When we fall short sometimes. They know dad's not perfect. When I come back from overseas. You know, I'm not as patient as I was before I left. Reporter: Kids can understand, too. Even though they put you up on a pedestal, they understand that some of them, hey, we're all -- none of us are perfect. That's one of my biggest fears. When at what point is she going to realize I'm not perfect? It happened sooner than I anticipated. Reporter: While he's dads thought about their weaknesses. I have a surprise for you right now. We decided to show them what they're most important critics really think. I don't think I would know how to love so beautifully. Everything he does, he always thinks about his family. And always does the best. Hi always lets us have ice cream. He's a really good teach center. Yes. I think he's a the best teacher in the house. He's always there to help me with my math homework, history homework. He never lets us down. He always tries to bring us up. Even if it's a hard, tough lesson. It's unmatched. I love going to baseball games with him. I love just spending time with him in general. My dad's a big dad because he helps me with stuff and he'll make breakfast for me in the morning sometimes. He supports me in everything I do. What makes daddy's snuggle so special? Because I love him. That was good. Reporter: Pretty great, right? Yeah. Very moved. And I'm very pleased that they said those things. It's a great validation. It's an awesome validation. I would say about 95% of what they say is very true. But I will say, I think my snuggles are fantastic. Reporter: When your kids are ready to be parents themselves, what's the most important thing you tell them? The most important thing I would tell them, is be loving and patient. There are so many wonderful moments. But you have to be willing to make some sacrifices. I would say be an example. You know? Just be an example for their children. Reporter: Great advice for all us dads. And there's no better reward than this. Happy father's day. Thank you so much for all that you do for our family. I don't know what we would do without you. Happy father's day, dad. Thank you for everything you did for us. Happy father's day, dad. I love you so much. I love you, dad. Happy father's day. I love you, dad. Happy father's day. I love you. You're the best dad anyone can have. So much fun to see them get those tributes. They were honestly surprised by

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"\"GMA\" brought three very different dads together for a very special surprise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24102898","title":"Three Dads Surprised by Kids' Father's Day Message","url":"/GMA/video/fathers-day-dads-surprised-kids-fathers-day-message-24102898"}