FedEx Employees Play Catch-up to Deliver Late Holiday Packages

FedEx Employees Play Catch-up to Deliver Late Holiday Packages
2:18 | 12/26/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FedEx Employees Play Catch-up to Deliver Late Holiday Packages
FedEx under fire for failing to get packages delivered before Christmas. The company says an overwhelming amount of online shopping plus severe storms are to blame and for some drivers it was no holiday off hitting the road playing last-minute santas. Mara schiavocampo has the latest. Reporter: That's right. They were all trying to make sure that missing gifts didn't put a damper on the holiday spirit. FedEx saying it was up by more than 12% and that while they did deliver more than 317 million packages over the holidays there were still plenty that almost didn't make it. 'Twas the nice before Christmas your package was late. You'd paid extra shipping to arrive by the date. Santa had come but your presents had not. Where is that package? Reporter: They had shipped some but still missed a lot. This is FedEx guy. Reporter: Overnight fed deck workers taking care of missed deliveries sending out drivers for an unprecedented Christmas day shift. The company making up for delays that it says were caused by bad weather and an overload of last-minute orders. Open till 1:00 of the I got here as quick as I could. Reporter: The staff Tu creating an uproar on social media. Hundreds blaming the company for ruining Christmas. One customer tweeting, you sure know how to drop the ball. Another posting, thanks for delivering my things late and playing with my emotions. They put these advertisements out that it's definitely going to be there. I should be able to trust it. Reporter: Others are backing the workers. I always feel like they don't get credit. Big shout-out. Reporter: They released a estimating assuring volunteers worked the holiday and some were not at home to accept previously attempted deliveries. That bad weather affected their main air hub in Tennessee and also yesterday had some FedEx counters open for those who wanted to pick up packages themselves. You know it's all this online shopping. Who has time to stores today. Order everything online. That's how I did all my shopping. Those employees volunteering. I don't know if they got extra pay but hopefully there's something a little extra. Gift cards or something. We turn to a real-life nightmare before Christmas for

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"FedEx Employees Play Catch-up to Deliver Late Holiday Packages","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35956792","title":"FedEx Employees Play Catch-up to Deliver Late Holiday Packages","url":"/GMA/video/fedex-employees-play-catch-deliver-late-holiday-packages-35956792"}