Felicity Huffman Returns in TV Drama 'American Crime'

The Golden Globe nominee discusses how the show boldly takes on real issues affecting Americans.
3:14 | 01/06/16

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Transcript for Felicity Huffman Returns in TV Drama 'American Crime'
I'm here with felicity Huffman from ABC's "American crime." Show kicks off a new season tonight. Felicity plays the headmistress at a school dealing with a sexual assault scandal. Take a look. There were parts of the story the Kuser wasn't specific about. I don't know if much happened beyond some bad judgment. I'll bring them in and talk to them. Talk to all your players together, avoid any of them being singled out. That would be my suggestion. If there is anything, bring it to my attention. If there's nothing -- We'll find that out real fast. That's the end of it. And felicity joins us now. I love this idea, brand-new season, brand-new story line. Brand-new characters. Brand-new characters and some of the same actors and some new actors coming on. We had a brilliant several brilliant young actors and it's great to work the same people because you trust them and know their excellence and great to have new actors come in. Tell us about what you'll be digging into. This season, I think, is a little more accessible, a little more palatable because I think it's more personal. About family, about community, it's about education, sexual orientation, socioeconomic differences but ultimately gets down to families and about our kids and how do we best serve them and represent them and take care of them. Yeah, I can't wait to watch this. You'll be going inside two high schools, I have a 13-year-old about to head into that phase and we all feel so vulnerable. You do. It's a private school that I'm the headmistress of in the story and a public school that Alex is the principal of. It's each space and how do you best serve the community and how do you best serve your children and the issues of, you know, the online space in an obvious way that everything is immediate. Everything is very public and yet it's also very private. You are shielded from your actions because everybody is anonymous online. That is the problem. You're not anonymous online. You've got this website. What the flick. What is that. What the flicka. Flicka is my nickname. It's what I grew up with and I had this great group of moms from "Desperate housewives" because I was the mom. When it ended I wanted to hold on to them and started wh whattheflicka.com and funny irreference look at motherhood which I find very difficult and baffling and so I wanted to have a space where it was totally free and open and accepting of however you found motherhood. You've been nominated to are a golden globe for "American crime" last season. We have to go back into the vault, 2012, you and your husband at the golden globes. Oh, no. ? Don't be humiliated because you all did a terrific job it's an honor to be nominated ? ? blah blah blah blah blah ? How do you top it this year? Oh, bill Macy, come on. He's so fantastic. He just makes up these little ditties on his ukulele. I don't know how you top that. I think it's only -- I'll work my way down the ladder from that. Good luck this weekend and congratulations to bill. He was so great in that movie "Room." Wasn't he great? I hope everybody watches tonight, "American crime," it's great. "American crime" at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on ABC.

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{"id":36115142,"title":"Felicity Huffman Returns in TV Drama 'American Crime'","duration":"3:14","description":"The Golden Globe nominee discusses how the show boldly takes on real issues affecting Americans.","url":"/GMA/video/felicity-huffman-returns-tv-drama-american-crime-36115142","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}